Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Acupuncture for hot flashes?)

Okay, “now” it is quite possible that I have “heard it all.” In  this particular article, it has been stated that “acupuncture” can actually help ease the discomfort of “hot flashes” in women. According to this link the actual procedure of acupuncture has helped women with bad flashes feel a lot better. How this discovery will effect most women who are menopausal I have no idea. However, I am “reasonably” sure that all men dealing with menopausal women will “empty out” their life savings just to treat their loved ones to complimentary sessions for a little “peace of mind.” One guy told me that he will check for specialists in  his area and will “drag” his woman out there if necessary. Most men cannot relate to what women feel when it comes to menopause or PMS. While that  may be true, I do believe that most men can relate to  how it feels being on the “receiving end” of a woman suffering from either of these conditions. I remember years ago going into a drug store late at night to find medicine that could help with PMS. As “soon” as I walked through the front door the lady at the counter automatically “knew” from my facial expression what I came in for. Without asking me “anything” she stated that they were all “sold out.” Then she started laughing and said that they were “all” bought “by MEN…” However true this “may” be, I honestly believe that women suffering from this should NOT let their husbands or boyfriends apply acupuncture to them as a remedy. First off, if you happen to be suffering from it and getting on your man’s nerves then the “LAST” thing you would want is for him to have any control over “how far the needles go into your body.” I can just picture in my mind some man saying “She loves me, she loves me  not” while jabbing his woman in the process. Under “these” circumstances there might be a “very” thin line between “acupuncture” and “first degree murder.” I implore all women to by “all means” go to a specialist who “doesn’t’ know you if you are going to try acupuncture. PMS and hot flashes are a part of life, and while women can suffer from varying degrees of it, still it would be nice to know that there is some kind of remedy out there. I’m sure the women would love it, and I’m sure the men who “love” these women will “sell their souls” for it. It is always  advisable to do reviews and inquiries on “anything” before assuming it to be true. After all, if a women is suffering from PMS or hot flashes and poking her with needles “doesn’t” work, then I would not want to be the one to feel her wrath afterwards. Just a little note of advice for all the men out there (smile). Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and I hope that all is well with you in your world.


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Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly


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