Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: A World Outlook and perspective)

First off, it is a blessing to be able to wake up this morning and address the world in any way.  Life is not promised to anyone and the value of life should be treasured always, and yet when taking a look at world events we have bombings and killings going on in the Gaza strip, unrest still happening in the Ukraine, people being beheaded and bombings to Islamic extremists in Iraq. Over in the Unites States (my country) we have young unarmed kids getting shot down and murdered for just “walking the streets.”  As much as it pains to me even see this picture, it pains me even  more to just ignore it and pretend like it doesn’t exist.  In my eyes, the world knows better… We can accomplish so much more working together “with” each other than working against each other.  When we look to kill others we often do so thinking that fighting “fire with fire” is the remedy. There is a lot of anger and resentment and everyone feels the need to retaliate against something that someone has done.  If we keep this up, soon our planet may not be big enough to hide from the devastation that can occur. If I could address the entire world from a mountaintop and tell it anything I wanted to say, I think my first words would be “Get your sh%^ together, because God is watching.” Many times we look to conquer instead of mediate. The true strength of a leader is in how he “thinks,” and not in how he “fights.” I know that my one Daily Thought message will not change the outlook of a world bent on destruction, but I do know that if Peace is to work, we have to find a way to “give it a chance.” We “need” each other, so why are we trying to kill each other? Once a life is ended should that be considered a victory? If a 3 year old gets killed by a stray bullet or a bomb meant for someone else what does that accomplish? Often when trying to fight our enemies innocents get killed in the process. Saying “Oops, I’m sorry,” is “not” going to cut it. The road to peace starts with  “me… AND you”… We have a voice… I just exercised mine… If you agree, then it’s “your” turn… Feel blessed that you woke up today without a bomb reigning down over your head. I can promise you that there are others out there today who are “not” as lucky…


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