Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Should baseball reinstate Pete Rose?)

I don’t really follow the sport of baseball much. My hometown team, the Philadelphia Phillies, are in last place in their division and there is no hope for them this season. The sport of baseball is a good one, even though recently it has been “severely damaged” through many misdoings. For instance, the “all time leader” in hits, plate appearances, and games played has been rejected from the very game itself. Pete Rose, whose nickname was “Charlie Hustle,” was the exemplary role model for kids wishing to play the game of baseball. He showed up ready to play each and every game and his talent was immense. However, Pete came under scrutiny when he “gambled” on baseball. Gambling is a cardinal sin, because it can greatly jeopardize the “integrity” of the sport as well as the outcome of games. Pete didn’t need to gamble because he was well paid for just playing, but he made a mistake. Baseball commissioner A Bartlett Giamatti “banned” Pete “for life” from baseball in 1989. Now Mr. Giamatti is leaving baseball and a new commissioner, Rob Manfred, is coming in. Rose plans on asking Mr. Manfred for a “second  chance.” The question is, “Does he deserve one?” Well, considering the fact that  the all time leading home run hitter in baseball was under investigation for using steroids to enhance his play, I think that the authenticity of the game is  now “gone.” Barry Bonds and a whole bunch of great major league players were under investigation for drug enhancement. To me, that in and  of itself spoils the integrity of the sport. I don’t know if I can compare steroid use with gambling, but if Rose can get a lifetime ban for gambling, then those convicted of steroid use  should have penalties that are “not that far behind.” “God” forgives us for our sins. Why can’t baseball forgive Rose? Pete has in essence “done his time” and he has been ostracized from the sport he loved for well over 20 years. I don’t think he  should ever be excused for what  he did, but he can still be a role model for others who wish to  challenge the integrity of the game. He is baseballs leading hitter of all time. Based on his accomplishments alone, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I sincerely hope the new commissioner grants him a pardon so that Rose can return to baseball. It is not where you come from that determines your value, but rather where you are headed. I hope that Pete Rose gets his “second chance” to be reinstated back into baseball.


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