Brett jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The disaster of Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Atlantic City…. Just what went  wrong? For years Atlantic City was a virtual “hot spot” on the east coast. They had some of the best live entertainment, an ocean, and their biggest money maker, “gambling.” They had hotels galore and many times some of the biggest names could be found performing there. Well, now the economy of Atlantic City is about to take a “huge hit.” Three of their casinos are scheduled to close soon. A couple of them already have, and thousands of employees are about to be out of work. “What happened?” Well, several things. AC featured an ocean, but that ocean wasn’t very appealing to folks during the winter seasons. Beaches usually have summer time appeal, so during the winter months Atlantic City struggled to attract people. On top of that, gambling provided the biggest revenue for the casinos. New Jersey made gambling legal when surrounding areas like Philadelphia and Delaware did not. All of that has changed now. With online gambling you don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home in order to bet, so  why travel all the way down to Atlantic City to do what you can easily do at home? Then the tolls for Atlantic City increased dramatically. At one point it was costing 2 or 3 dollars  just to cross the bridge from Philadelphia to Jersey. Now it costs $5.00 to venture over, with another $3.75 (both ways) to pay just before you reach the beach.  I used to play a lot in Atlantic City but with the economic struggles also came the decrease in the need to  hire musical entertainment. By the new year things might get dramatically worse, and the city that was once bustling with energy may soon become a virtual “ghost town.” What can be done to save it? Depends on who you ask. Personally I think they ought to abandon the gaming industry altogether.  If it is not paying off now then there’s no reason to suspect that it will pay off in the future. Atlantic City “still”  has the benefit of an ocean view,  and places like Pennsylvania don’t have one. Atlantic City could promote boat cruises which I’m sure people would love. They  can also feature summer (and winter) music series scheduled each week so that people will want to visit and spend money to stay overnight in the hotels. If they built an outside concert venue for the summer (independent of the individual casino theaters) then each remaining casino could just contribute money to the concerts series without having to spend large amounts of money on individual acts that cost big money but never make a profit. During the winter months they could just use their convention center to feature live entertainment. With a new focus on entertainment and lodging I think AC could “re-invent” the wheel of economic fortune. Revel was the newest casino to be built there and I have performed there several times, but it was easy to see that this wasn’t going to last long. Revel will be closing the beginning of September along with 2 more popular casinos. Hopefully someone will come up with the “light bulb” over the head and find a way to rescue this place that is in serious  need of it. For right now, AC nightlife is  an “endangered species.” For the sake of all employed there, let’s hope that it can be “revived.”


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