Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Artist Spotlight: “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel)

Today’s artist spotlight is on one of my favorite songs of all time (and it is also my favorite video as well). The band Genesis had a great career and they accomplished a lot musically. However, a couple of members from that group also had individual success as well. One member, Phil Collins, had a string of hits on  his own. For today’s Daily Thought I would like to feature the “other” former member, Peter Gabriel. His career wasn’t nearly as strong as Collins, but he had one “monster” of a hit entitled “Sledgehammer.” I actually performed this song a few days ago at a casino and the reaction to it was awesome. The lyrics to the song can at times seems confusing, but upon careful examination it is clearly in reference to “sex.” A whole lot of songs have been written about sex, but this particular tune tackles it from the “hidden innuendo” angle. The beat is “powerful.” It is not a fast drum track at all, but derives its flavor from the intensity of “how” the drums are played. The horns in this song hit you hard. There is no way for anyone to ignore them. The bass in the song actually “sounds” like it is being played on a “fret less” bass guitar, when I believe it is being done through a bass synthesizer with a fret less patch. Peter Gabriel is “not” an overwhelming singer. His singing may not have much of an impression when it comes to singing other songs. However, his voice is the “perfect fit” for this particular track. He doesn’t try to finesse “anything” in his vocals and that was the best way to attack this song. As for the video to this song, this was even more amazing. There are “so many” different artifacts and elements in this video that you are bound to miss something whenever  you view it. From dancing chickens to a choir to some weird guy with a mohawk haircut there is entertainment all throughout this video. I believe it won a “record 9 Video Music Awards” and deservedly so. Good music should never disappear from our memory banks. Time will always introduce new material but some songs should always remain classics. “Sledgehammer, by Peter Gabriel, is one of them. I invite you to check the song out for yourself (You can Google it or just go to Youtube.) Thank you for checking out today’s artist spotlight and I wish you the very best that life has to offer today.


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Brett Jolly and Verdine White, from Earth Wind and Fire



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