Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Robin Williams… Behind the laughter’)

I was really saddened to hear about the death of famed comedian Robin Williams at the age of 63. At one point he was arguably the “funniest man alive.” I was even more shocked to hear that his death might “possibly” have been the result of “suicide.” If that is the case then I guess one might ask, “Just HOW does a man who brought so much laughter and joy to the world arrive to the level of suicide?” I am not sure if anyone has an answer for that yet, but when examining his life he had been through issues of divorce and at one point he was a drug addict. It amazes me how some of the biggest names in entertainment were so successful while addicted to drugs. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Richard Pryor and so many more were so talented and yet tortured by the drugs that sustained them. It was reported that Robin Williams had been clean for 20 years. When you have such a great career as he had, why even “consider” suicide? If he suffered from depression that could tell a lot. Depression is an illness and it can come from several things, including no longer being the person you once were. It can really have an effect on those who cannot accept decline. Also, why couldn’t any of his family or friends “see” his conditioning worsening? If there is a message to get out of this, it should be that we have to realize that there is “always” another story “beyond the surface.” This man could make just about everyone  smile and yet in the end he couldn’t lift his own spirits. I hope that his legacy will be more of a positive one than a negative. I’m sure a movie will eventually be in the works about his life. Whenever a performer is onstage you usually see them as they want to be seen, but we have just as many trials and tribulations as anyone else. Two weeks ago the mother for the drummer in my band passed away. We were scheduled to perform that night and I asked him if he wanted to take the night off. He simply told me that he did not want to sit around thinking about it and that being onstage was his outlet. He needed to have fun playing and that was important to him. Robin Williams obviously had a demon that  he couldn’t conquer, and while his outlet was the world’s stage it didn’t erase what was brewing inside of him. We lost a great treasure and just maybe this could have been averted. Eventually there will be yet another star to come along and entertain people much the same way as Robin did. While we all may smile at what this person brings to the stage we need to always be aware that there is “another story behind the laughter. Rest in Peace, Robin Williams… Whether you realize it or not, you are loved… and will be sorely missed.”


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