Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: What type of man should a woman choose?)

At my gig last night I talked to a woman who admitted to me that she was dating two men at the same time. She was very candid and honest about it and seemed to have no reservations about it at all. She did, however, say that she would like to choose only one of them to start a relationship with. She said the first guy is built really well, moderate looking, with hardly any money. She does know that this man would give her the world “if” he had it (but of course, right now he doesn’t). The second  man can be “extremely arrogant” at times, almost to the point of appearing “bipolar.” He is a good looking guy who comes from a rich family. He is nice sometimes, but other times he is very offensive. She asked me which one should she take? I told her that it shouldn’t depend on the guy, but rather on her. If she is the kind of woman who can deal with “blatant disrespect” just for the sake of  money and looks, then by all means go for the second man. It is obvious that if he can act this way now things won’t get better anytime soon. Whenever a woman gets with a man solely because of his money she  runs the risk of dealing with an ego that will eventually disrespect her. Remember, money is only a “means” toward happiness. Money is “NOT” the same as being happy. If the first man loves you with all his heart then you already know that he will give you everything he has. He may eventually even find a job that will make the both of you stronger financially. Being with a man who truly loves you means that you also have love for yourself. NO woman should ever allow a man to disrespect her, because if she doesn’t correct that behavior then the man is “bound” to “repeat it.” I just say that it is always important for the woman to love the man, and “not” the man’s circumstances. While it is true that no woman should want to live poorly, if you start a relationship with a man who really loves you then you can be the “motivating force” behind that man that “makes”  him successful. Behind “every” successful man there is a woman who helped “make him that way.” This woman thanked me for my advice, but I have no idea which man she will take. I will, however, wish her the best. Hope you have a great weekend.


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Comedian Chris Tucker, brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly

Chris Tucker


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