Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Artist Spotlight: Marvin Gaye)

Today I would like to do an artist spotlight. This particular performer left us  many years ago, but the impact of his music still lingers with us today. Marvin Gaye was often a “tortured soul.” As great as he was, he often got lost in his paranoid ways and drug usage. This man had a voice that could capture the attention of millions. He  performed the harmony notes to his songs that were often complex, diverse and difficult for any professional singer to emulate. If you listen to his background vocals on his classic hit “Let’s get it on” they don’t even seem to make much sense, and yet they fit the tune perfectly. Marvin’s life was often in turmoil. For someone who should have been on “top” of his world he seemed like someone who just couldn’t function with everything being “perfect.” However, Marvin was a true “artist.” A “true artist” is one who will write about his own circumstances and express himself through his or her music. Marvin fit that description to the “tee.” When he didn’t like the direction the world events was going in, he wrote his all time classic song and album entitled “What’s going on.” This song was a testament to the war and I can easily say that this was one of the greatest classics “of all time.” I invite all to listen to the entire album (or CD or download) and judge for yourself. I forget the title, but one of my favorite tracks of his features the lyrics “Don’t go and talk about my father, God is my friend.” This song will touch you from the inside out when listening to it, and I absolutely love  this piece.  He also had “many” other hits like “I heard it through the grapevine, Can I get a witness, One more heartache, You’re all I need to get by (sung with Tammi Terrell), Ain’t nothing like the real thing and Ain’t no Mountain High Enough. One song that was actually labeled one of the “best vocal performances of all time” was his classic hit “Distant Lover.” It is “imperative” to listen to the live version of this track to get the full impact of what Marvin could do. Onstage, Marvin had the Lionel Richie-Whitney Houston complex.” In other words, Marvin couldn’t dance to save  his life, but his singing was so impeccable that it didn’t matter. For  me personally, whenever I felt down I could always listen to a Marvin Gaye song and realize that he probably felt much “worse.” By the way, I cannot leave out one of the best dance classics of all time that Marvin did, and that was one of his last hits, a simple song entitled “Got to give it up.” To me this track sounds as though the bass synthesizer player on this track was “high” because a lot of it doesn’t make much sense, but as with all of his other tracks, it “fits.” Marvin died when his father shot him. Even  though he may not have felt like he was the perfect fit for this world, we are ALL blessed by the amazing songs he left behind. I invite you to Google Marvin for yourself and check out ALL of his music. As time goes on, newer things come into play and often force some of the older things out of the picture. Marvin Gaye is an artist that should “never” be forgotten. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and I wish the very best to you and yours today.


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