Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Who are the real winners in war?”)

When you check the news, there just seems to be a whole lot of fighting going on everywhere. They are fighting in the Gaza strip. They are fighting in the UK. The republicans are always fighting President Obama. Heck, I even read that Jay-Z and Beyonce are even fighting (and almost ready to break up). Why is it so necessary to fight, and what do you really get out of it? In the case of the Gaza strip, tensions have been at a nuclear level for many years. The main problem is that in war “innocent lives” always become “casualties.” The other day I saw pictures of the bodies of dead 3 year-old babies who didn’t even realize a war was going on. Did they have to lose their lives in such a manner? The plane that was downed over the UK had passengers who were not looking to fight anyone. They only wanted a safe trip to their destination and yet some cowards decided to attack them to make a point. Why was it necessary to kill people who were innocent in all of this? As for the Republicans, they have made it their duty to fight Obama on “every” issue they can. If Obama wanted to pass a bill that stated “Water is wet” then chances are “great” that the Republicans would “unanimously reject it.” They don’t necessarily come up with any alternatives either. Sometimes it seems like their man purpose is not to stop Obama from failing, but rather to stop  him from “succeeding.” I wish they had been so “vehement” about all this during the “Bush” era when he  was “tanking” the economy.  When it comes to Jay-Z and Beyonce, I really could care less about this one, but if her sister Solange gets involved there might be “bigger casualties.” As a human race, we are supposed to be “above” regular animals in how we interact, and yet in some cases we can be more “barbaric” than even  the worst of animals. We fight because it is in our nature to do so. We live on a planet where were are dependent upon each other to survive and yet we kill more or ourselves every day. Maybe we are not as “superior” as we make ourselves out to be. There are no winners in war. Fighting of any kind may help you relieve stress and frustration, but in the end it never really solves anything. I am a firm believer that all human life should have value. Maybe one day the rest of the world  will “see that vision with me.” I hope that your day today is everything you wanted it to be, but most of all I hope it is “peaceful.” Thank you so much  and please have a great one.


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