Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Is interracial dating supposed to be a bad thing?”)

Someone asked me the other day about “interracial dating.”For some reason this person couldn’t see people of different races and cultures trying to form relationships. Just wait until you hear the actual “reasoning” behind his logic. First, he said that people would constantly stare at interracial couples as they walked through public. Next, if they had any children, they would experience an “identity conflict” because they would not know what race to relate to.  The final explanation was that if God had wanted us to date outside of our own race, then He would have just made us all the same color. These reasons were so “out of whack” that I couldn’t even answer him at first. I just stared at him with a blank expression because I couldn’t believe he even “went there.” First of all, unless you can trace  your ancestry all the way back to the beginning (or do a DNA test) you may not even know the different races you are mixed with. Just because a person “looks white” doesn’t mean that he may not have another nationality in  his family line. Recently there was a well known racist on  the Trisha Goddard show who ranted racial hatred all through the program (you can Google it online to find the story) and yet after taking a DNA test he  was found to have some Nigerian in his blood line. Needless to say, he looked quite foolish after that was discovered. As for a “racial identity crisis” I believe that we all should just be accepted as part of the “human race.” Most African American people I know of are mixed with “something” (because otherwise their skin tone would be perfectly dark with no variations). Even White people have different shades, as well as Arabs, Asians, etc. As for couples being stared at in public, that could be because they are such a great looking couple. It doesn’t necessarily have to be attributed to skin color.  When he went into his rationale about God making us all the same color I wanted to “punt him” down field.? What this man didn’t seem to realize was that God DID make us all the same color “on the inside.” I have yet to see anyone whose blood color is anything other than red. I know that people will have their hangups about mixed race associations and they are entitled to their opinions. However, if your color is different from someone else then it makes you “no less human.” Sometimes I think we could see “a lot more” if we just “closed” our eyes… Whoever you are, however you think, and whatever your color, you are blessed today.  Now what color is “that?”


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Olivia Newton John, Brett Jolly and musical director Amy Skyy

Olivia Newton John and Brett Jolly                                           


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