Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Keeping Personal business off Facebook, part 2)

Yesterday I posted a Daily Thought about putting your personal business out on Facebook and how it can come back to haunt you. Well, wouldn’t you know that a woman in Frankfurt Illinois just recently “got arrested” for stealing clothes from a department store and  then posting pictures of herself in the outfits on Facebook. If you would like to read the article, then here is the link:  This story further proves that you need to be careful about the things you post on Facebook because others can actually use it against you (and if you are going to engage in criminal activity, you need to be a LOT smarter than this woman was). When you complain about your boss on your timeline, chances are that friends of your boss may read it and tell him about how you feel.  A friend of mine was going through a divorce and he told me things that he made me promise to keep secret. I made the promise to  him only to find that the very “next” day he decided to “post the entire episode”on Facebook for EVERYONE to read.  Someone else decided to post about all the bad things that her man was doing on Facebook. She spared no detail in  exposing and expressing how horrible this man was and how bad he made her feel. After  dissing  him terribly, she reconciled with him only a few days later. Now the people who read her posts are  thinking about how wish washy she is. Facebook is your tool for expression and should be used as such, but you just need to be careful about what you feel you need to say. Everybody “does NOT” need to know your business  and it is always advisable to refrain from posting when in an “emotional” state.   Also, “please” be sure to use “spell check” when going on a “posting” rage. There is a LOT wrong with reading an emotional post where every third word is spelled incorrectly. On top of that, you don’t really need to type in ALL capital letters as well. Take the time to show the world that your level of intelligence is “sufficient” enough to post something that is at least “close” to being grammatically correct. I could probably say a lot more, but I may end up hurting someone’s feelings (smile). Above all, make sure to “read” what you post “BEFORE” you press the “publish or send” button. If it doesn’t feel right to you, then chances are there is a good reason for it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and if you do frequent Facebook today, I hope everything you read on there is “drama free.”  Have a great day.


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Brett Jolly and actress Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly                                                 


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