Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Keep your personal business off of Facebook”)

As popular as Facebook is, it often makes me wonder why people use it the way they do. So many times people will post  their personal life dramas out there for “everyone” to see AND judge, and yet the beat just keeps on going. How many times have you seen someone post something really dramatic about their relationship (or subsequent breakup of it) only to see another post a few days later about them rekindling? People can be so “full of it” sometimes when it comes to Facebook. We pour our emotions out in ranting posts to get sympathy from others, and then go “‘right back” to the original source of the drama in the first place. In some instances, Facebook is better than most soap operas you watch on television. Why do people do this? That answer can be summed up in just one word: “Attention.” People who continually post their issues to Facebook know that other people will read it. They can get the attention they crave and involve people in their dramas just by posting. The problem is that once you have “made up” with your “significant other” then all the prior negative postings that were put up now have to be “explained” and in some cases “recanted.” I am a Facebook user, and I will do so accordingly.  However, I absolutely “refuse” to “live my life” via Facebook like some people do. Some things should remain “personal  and private” and putting your stuff out there will often say more about you than it will about your partner. Facebook is a great social  media and when used correctly it can be a “great”  way to network with others and improve your own lifestyle and business. However, when  you base  your entire lifestyle on Facebook then you have in essence become a “Facebook junkie.” Facebook junkies only believe in what they see on Facebook  and they find out ALL their information on there. As great as Facebook is, it does not (and should not) represent the full value of life. We got along fine before it was even invented. I guess what I’m trying to say is that people really need to “stop” putting their personal business out on Facebook. Potential employers can use it against you, your friends can use it against you and so can law enforcement. When you think about it, using Facebook can contribute to your “own” demise. Those people who live their lives through Facebook won’t stop doing it just because I said so (that much I do know). However, when people stop “posting “likes” and “commenting” on all the crazy stuff that these people post every day then maybe they will start to get the idea that your personal life doesn’t’ need to be shared with the entire world. That’s just my opinion, and if anyone disagrees then I respect that. Either way, I hope you have a safe and “drama less” day.


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