Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Making mistakes and admitting it”)

What do you do when you try to pull off something with the very “best” of intentions, only to have it “‘blow up in  your face?” Just yesterday I had plans to try to do two gigs that were  an hour and a half from each other in travel time. The problem is that they “both” ended up scheduled at the very “same time.” It wasn’t supposed to turn out that way, but that is most certainly the way it ended. I felt really bad because I am really “not” one to let others down, but that is exactly what happened. Afterwards I had to think about it for a moment (a rather LONG moment) and then I came to realize that no matter how  much you look over your shoulder at the past, that view “never” changes. I wished I could have done things differently (but then again don’t we “all” have moments like that?). As bad as I felt (and I really did feel bad about it)  the first step for me towards feeling better is to “personally ADMIT” that I “screwed up.” I “obviously” didn’t plan this as well as I thought I had. We ALL experience “screw ups” in our lives, and while we wish we could just “close our eyes and WISH them away” it “never” happens that way. From experience I had found that the more I tried to “erase the memory of something” the more it kept getting engrained in my head. So for “this” case scenario I wasn’t going to focus on “trying to forget about it.” No, instead I take “full responsibility for my mistakes and I will try harder next time  to make sure I handle the situation better. A LOT of people try to forget about “stupid things” they have done, and usually the harder you try to forget it the more you end up actually “focusing” on in with your mind. While accepting responsibility for your “abject stupidity” may not make it go away, it “might just make it easier to deal with.” I remember awhile ago talking to someone who had a traumatic experience and was trying as hard as possible to erase it from her memory banks. I told her that all the good things “and” the bad things in our lives add up to make us the people that we are today. You will never know how important it is to strive for a positive existence until you experience what it is like to live through a negative one. No one is perfect, and somewhere along the line we all are bound to make mistakes. I try to judge people from their “intentions behind the deed” as opposed to the “actual deed itself.” It helps me to get a “better understanding.” Yes,  I can admit that I screwed up. “Can you?” When you really think about it, life is not about the stupid mistakes we all make, but rather in “how we recover” from the stupid mistakes we make. “Today is a new day” and with each new day comes yet “another opportunity.” As long as I was able to wake up and do something, then I aim to make the “most” of this day. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Billy Paul and Brett Jolly in concert


One thought on “Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Making mistakes and admitting it”)

  1. theeroxanne says:

    Realizing, and then acknowledging our imperfections is a valuable lesson.

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