Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “What is the true art of seduction?”)

When I get hired to play music, most times I am not sure of where it is that I am going, nor what type of establishment I will be playing in. As a musician, I have played some “really awesome” gigs and also done some “really low” gigs in my life. When I get hired to play, I have no control over the venue nor the place’s activities. That being said, this past weekend I did a gig at some place that I had never been to before.  I had no reason to suspect anything different from most gigs that I normally do when I took this. As I drove up to the establishment I noticed that it seemed like a “corner bar.” Still, that was no problem for me, because I have done those before too (even though I try to do more upscale gigs whenever possible). I figured the worst that could happen here was that everyone would get drunk (like most bar patrons). However, I was totally surprised to find that “this” particular bar featured female “exotic dancers.” Now, “my” definition of an exotic dancer is someone who gyrates to music, dresses very skimpy and tries to entice and seduce the crowd while dancing. Well, this “one” particular lady came out of the back room (dressed in black with most areas covered, with the exception of her thong like shorts). All the men gathered around the area to watch this woman “do her thing.” As a musician, a photographer and video man, I can honestly say that I had “thought” that I had “seen it all” (and in most cases I have). However, this dancer not only gyrated her body, but she “COMPLETELY” took off “EVERYTHING,” which was something I had “not” expected her to do. She had a man lay down on the floor and she “simulated” some “really” naughty things, but the absolute “worst’ thing she did involved laying on her back with a bottle of  water (I am sorry, but that is “all” the description I can give here). She went “far beyond” what I thought exotic dancers did, and the males in attendance were throwing dollar bills at her left and right. I am writing this story today because of my “own” reaction,  In the beginning,  I actually thought that something like this would have “turned me on.” Instead, I left to  go outside before she was fully into her routine. I am not sure of how to properly say this, but her routine wasn’t doing anything for me. I did begin to wonder if there was something wrong with “her” or was there something wrong with “me.” Then I began to realize that for  me the true art of seduction should involve “class” and finesse. There is something awesome about a “lady being a lady first.” I realize this is just my opinion, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the values of others. You see, this lady was truly raunchy in her performance, but a woman who can exhibit elegance and class would have just seemed sexier to me. I realize that I am not speaking for all men, and I mean no disrespect to this woman at all. She was great at what she did, and the men there loved her. I just believe that the true art of seduction doesn’t come from just disrobing, but rather in “how” you do it. When you open a gift from someone, sometimes the “packaging” makes all the difference in your desire to open it. Well, the same might be said for the art of sex and seduction. I don’t go to clubs to see exotic dances, but each person is different. I won’t judge this woman, and I realize that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. This is “only” my own personal feeling, and I am not trying to judge anyone else who feels differently. I just have the greatest respect and love for women who “look, behave, and most importantly, ACT feminine.”  Thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and I wish you the very best that this day has to offer.


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Actress Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly

Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly



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