Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Just how important is it to be a good singer in today’s industry?”)

I was asked an interesting question, and that question was, “Just how important is it to be a great singer in today’s music industry?” Well, contrary to what some people believe, it is “not very important AT ALL.” Oh, way back in the day it was, but now it is no longer about who can sing, but rather “who is marketable?” You see, there are “many” talented singers in this world that no one has heard of. However, if  they cannot sell CD’s or music downloads then none of that matters. So you ask, “How does one become marketable?” Well, it depends on your looks, moves, stage presence, your “controversy” and “other” factors that a lot of people don’t realize. Do you remember the old days when  a singer would cancel a show because he or she became horse or had laryngitis? With most of “today’s artists, that is no longer an issue, because many of them are singing along to a voice sample anyway. A voice sample is equivalent to a “tape recording” of the artist’s voice that will play along with the vocalist while he or she sings. This way the artist “really does sing live” at the concert. The only question is whether or not you are hearing the actual artist or the sample. While there are some new generation artists who really “can” sing, in order to “relieve their vocals” it is imperative to make sure that they don’t “throw their voices out” when performing. Also, most new artist shows feature a lot of “dancing.” Trying to dance while singing can cause you to lose your breath onstage, which could often have you gasping in the microphone for air. I recently watched an old video of Michael Jackson doing a “great” song entitled “Jam.” In this video he was “killing it” on the surface. The crowd was going crazy as  he was dancing up a storm while singing this tune. Then I paid particular attention (as I am known to do at times) and found out that halfway through the song he should have passed out from all he was doing onstage. The reason he didn’t pass out was because he was lip syncing the song. It was his voice, but it just wasn’t  his voice “live.” Now “many” of today’s artists are following suit. Chris Brown actually “can” sing, but on one of those award shows he was doing gymnastics while performing his tune. Athletically, it was “impressive.” Vocally, it was “impossible.” Pink was on another award show, and she started off high up in the air “swinging and singing” from a trapeze. While hanging upside down and twirling around she hit her notes “flawlessly.” The only problem is that with anyone singing upside and trying to hit a vocal note, the blood rushing to the head would have made that virtually “impossible” to do. When you add to this the fact that there was “no microphone” interference nor feedback from the “wind” associated with such a task then it makes you wonder just “how” it was done. In this industry, “money” is the only thing that matters, and while you might be an “awesome” singer, that is “no” guarantee that you will be considered “marketable.” The “new era of live performances” is upon us, and the newer generation is only doing what they are being “told” to do. For all “aspiring” singers out there, I would advise you to work on your show, your theatrics, your look and just about everything else if you want to make a professional career singing (this does not include certain genres like gospel, country, etc. With these genres good live singing is still popular… for “now”). This might not be what you want to hear, but this is most certainly what you need to “know.” Good luck to you and I wish you the very best.


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