Brett Jolly’s Daily thought (Topic: “Jealousy… is it worth the energy?”)

“Jealousy… Is it worth the energy?” Just imagine meeting someone new that you really like only to find that he or  she likes someone else. Should you feel jealous about that situation? People have been known to do the most “foolish” things out of jealousy. People will lie, get desperate, and even commit crazy acts just because they can’t handle their own jealousies. Normally, when someone is jealous, it is paramount to thinking that “someone else is in a better situation than you” when that might “not” be the case at all. If your coworker hits the Powerball Lotto after you both played it, it doesn’t  mean that he or she was a better person than you. It just means that for “this” particular circumstance your coworker was “luckier” than you. Chances are this will not always be the case. Sometimes we envy the rich when often they have more problems than “we” do. Mike Tyson, Allen Iverson and MC Hammer manged to waste “millions of dollars” because they couldn’t properly handle the new responsibilities that come with becoming rich. We envy those with a higher status because we would like to have their circumstances. I can honestly say that when I was much  younger, I used to envy Michael Jackson. Here he was  this young little boy with great looks who could sing  his tail off. He was famous, great looking, loved by all the girls and so talented. As the years went by, Michael became more famous and more rich (and he even changed his good looks through plastic surgery), but his problems became much greater too. He had those accusations of being a child molester.  He also felt he had a family that was trying to sponge off of him and  he died a drug addict. Now my life seems a lot more rosier compared to what he went through. I have seen people admit that they are not jealous when they really were. You might be able to hide how you feel from others, but you can never hide what you feel from yourself. I say that if you are jealous of someone, then let that be the motivating factor for you to “improve yourself.” Channel that energy into what “hopefully” will turn out to be a “positive outcome.” There should be no limit as to how great you can become if you only apply yourself properly. Also, it should be important to note that no matter how great you are at something, there will “always” someone else out there in this world who is “greater.”  You may not have met him or her yet, but that doesn’t mean that this person doesn’t exist. Be humble, be respectful and give those people their props when they deserve it. Above all, still love yourself, even when you might possibly just be “second best.” Thank you and I hope you have a great day today.


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