Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Father’s Day”)

Yesterday was “Father’s Day” here in the United States. This “once a year” event is merely a day set aside to pay tribute to “fathers.” While it is a great idea, to me it also brings to mind the number of children who don’t even “know” their fathers. Being a father should be a “privilege, an honor and a blessing.” That’s why I just can’t seem to understand why “some” fathers can just “disappear” from their children’s lives without wanting to get involved. A mother’s love is great and often it cannot be replaced, but to also have a father figure in a child’s life can make the biggest difference. That doesn’t mean that the mother and father “have” to live together or even like each other. It just means that “both parents” need to play an integral role in the child’s upbringing (while hopefully “respecting” each other). A child should never have to be punished for a bad breakup. A child should always have access to “both” parents. A father figure is “especially” needed when it comes to the raising of boys. Boys need a stern figure in their lives, one that will administer tough fatherly love in a different way from a male perspective when needed. Many single mothers are playing this role and they are doing a great job, but also having a father offers balance in a child’s life. My father is 82 years old now, and his eyesight is going bad, and he has had several problems over the last few years that scared us. When I was young my father had the answers to “everything” I asked of him (and trust me I asked him a LOT). He didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. He told me the way it “really” was and his ways helped to bring me to this point in life today. I never know what next yer will bring, but for now I intend to return the love that he gave to me growing up. As much as I loved my mother, I just cannot imagine where my life would be without my father. If your father is still alive and still around and still interested in you, then you might want to take the opportunity to love him today (no matter “what” day it is). Tomorrow is not promised… Happy Father’s Day to ALL those males (and females) who at least “played” the role of a father to some youngster who badly needed it. You “deserve” at “least” a day in your honor, if not more…


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