Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “A couple of things you may or may not know about Prince”)

Yesterday I had a gig. That’s not anything new, because i “always” have gigs. However, yesterday I had to pick up this guy who was supposed to play with us for this gig. That is not anything new either, but this “particular” guy just “happened” to be related to the legendary artist known as “Prince.” After I picked him up, it was a long ride through awful traffic to get to the gig,  so naturally I “picked his brain” about his relative, and found out some interesting facts. For those of you who  don’t know, Prince had some really big hits like “‘Little Red Corvette, 1999, and Purple Rain,” just to name a few. According to his relative, Prince is also a great joker, and will have you laughing all the time under the right circumstances. Since he is also a Gemini, he has 2 sides to him. Prince is also a control freak. He may give his musicians a spotlight, but he will “not” allow that spotlight to “outshine” him. Prince has been known to have some really great musicians with him onstage, but instead of allowing them input into the show Prince likes to control “every aspect” of it. He is a discipline fanatic. He will take a great musician and have him or her “play another instrument entirely” for his concert, because that way he can say that he helped them learn how to play that instrument (while also making sure that no one outshines him in the process). Years ago Prince discovered a group called “The Time.” These guys were great musicians within their own self contained group. They had a couple of hits like “Jungle Love, Cool, and the Bird.” They did really well so Prince decided to take them on  tour with him and allow them to “open up” the show. Unfortunately, the group was so good that it was “stomping” Prince and his own band onstage, so  he eventually decided to stop having them open for him when it came to the major cities. That was Prince’s ego kicking in. When Prince worked with Beyonce for a short spell, he was interviewed and asked what he thought of her. Prince responded by saying that if you really want to go great things in this business you need to know at least know a little bit about  music and at least play “one” instrument. “Ouch!” With that statement, I’m surprised Prince wasn’t arrested for assault and battery against her. Also, for those of you who don’t know, Prince is an “incredible” basketball player. His biggest problem is his sincere “lack of height.” Prince is not very tall at all. As naughty as he used to be on his recordings, he has toned up his act a lot (a lot of that has to do with the fact that he is now a Jehovah’s Witness). Whether you like Prince or not, the one thing “no one’ can dispute is that he is a “great” businessman. In  the beginning of his career, he signed some really bad “publishing deals” so he didn’t get the money he felt he deserved from the sale of his recordings. Record  labels have been known to “take advantage” of artists throughout the years. They control the industry and can literally “stop” you from getting any air play on conventional radio. For Prince, he knew how to make money, and he eventually found a way to sell his music “without” any radio play at all. At his concerts he often “gives away” free copies of his CD, and most times the fans  are super grateful for that. However, what most of the people in attendance don’t know is that Prince will normally charge “very high” prices at the door to attend his concert, and the actual “cost” of that CD is “within” the high cost of the concert, so when you pay to see Prince perform, you are also paying for that “free” Prince CD you “think” you are getting. Personally, I have never worked with Prince (but I came “so” close to doing so). For one of those special award shows, I was actually supposed to play for  a “duet” with Prince and  James Brown.  I was “salivating at the mouth” for this opportunity, but I was so disappointed when it fell through because at that time Prince was going through a bad divorce and  James Brown had made a really controversial statement about “hitting a woman to keep her in her place.” Maybe one day I will get the chance to work with him again, but for right now I have to let destiny “take it’s course.” Most of all, Prince is a musical genius, and with his concerts that will often last 3 to 4 hours he will literally “wear out” his band onstage. You can actually see how tired they are. However, they are also “well paid.” Prince wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and I hope your  weekend is a safe and healthy one.


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