Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Kids don’t HAVE to be bad”)

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who lives with  her daughter and grandchildren. She is waiting for her own house to get finished before she can move back n. She is having issues, though, because the grandchildren are just “outright bad.” They follow no direction at all and stay up most of the night screaming and hollering. She told me that she was at her wit’s end and suffering from a lot of stress and frustration because of these kids and she didn’t know what to do. The kids are her daughter’s responsibility, but she is not doing much of anything to get these kids on the right track. She said she feels like she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I told her the best thing she could do was move, but if she can’t do that then the next best thing to do just might be to “teach” them. Kids “need” activity… They need “something to do…” If they are not provided any activity then that is when kids normally “create” their own. Behavior is “learned” and the reason her grand children are so bad is because they were “raised” to be that way. When growing up, we ALL are a product of our environment, and kids are no exception. A life is wasted when a child receives no direction, guidance or discipline. A lot of people don’t realize it, but  you can begin to “teach” a child from the moment that child is born. As that child starts to familiarize itself and interact with the world is when you need to introduce little educational toys that will peak a baby’s interest. When a child sees nothing but the same 4 walls there is no growth or mental stimulation.  I let my friend know that she can help her daughter out by taking the kids out to someplace like the aquarium or the zoo. That would be a good start. Introduce  those kids to things they are not used to seeing and let their little minds take in the world around them. “Never” label your kids as “bad” because then the kids will start believing that they should “live up” to the label you have given them. All it takes is one concerned adult to make a difference in a child’s life. It could be a teacher, a neighbor or a grandmother. Kids will test you, and they will learn from the things they can “get away with.” Now is the time to make a difference… and “save” the grandchildren. This concept applies to ALL parents reading this. You don’t have to “wait” to educate your child. You can start from “day 1.” Hope you have a happy and truly blessed day today.


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