Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The real problem with Gun Control”)

Yet “another” fatal school  shooting… this time in Oregon. President Obama is saying that random gun shootings are occurring on a “once-a-week” basis. Gun control will continue to be a major problem until someone has the “balls” to confront it head on. The NRA (National Rifle Association) is an “extremely large and powerful organization. It profits from the sale of arms and it has grown so huge that many politicians are afraid to “challenge” it. However, with all of these random shootings going on it makes you wonder “what” if “anything” is being done to thwart the access to these firearms. For the record, I can respect people’s right to “bear arms.” There are a lot of crazy people in the world and those that are sane enough need protection for their loved ones. The problem is that the “crazy” ones have “easy unrestricted access” to firearms as well, and without background checks or gun restrictions guns are guaranteed to fall into the “wrong hands.” I once had an argument with someone over gun control. He kept saying to me that “no one” was going to take away his gun, and he reserved the right to own one. I kept trying to tell him that if he is of “rational mind” then no one even “wants” to confiscate his gun. The issue stems from those who are “sick in the mind.” When they can get a gun with ease then that can be a problem for the rest of us. “A gun will never kill anyone on its own… Only the people behind the guns are the ones who kill.” If they at least  had a sufficient “background check” it would help to alleviate the situation. Ammunition can be ordered online and you can buy a firearm at a “gun convention” with hardly any background check. This guy told me that a background check won’t do anything if the person “lies” with the information he gives. I told him that “most” crazy people will unintentionally “divulge” their issues through one way or another. That is how you discover they are crazy. A sufficient enough interrogation is sure to reveal results that could save us all from a “deranged mind.” We shouldn’t knock it until we at least try it. Of course, those who support “lenient” gun controls will “continue to do so” until one of “their” own close family members “falls victim” to a random act of killing. Then it will be “too late.” The NRA needs to be held accountable, and if no one will step up to them then “we” need to be held accountable. Innocent kids are being killed because someone who was not in his or her right mind was granted “power” to inflict harm. What will it take before we begin to realize that? I sincerely hope that your day is blessed, happy, and above all…  “safe…”


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