Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: 20 years later… The OJ Simpson Trial of the Century)

Twenty years later: The OJ Simpson case was revisited. The “Trial of the Century” became an action packed drama series with all the events that took place. For those who don’t remember (or were not born yet) Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered at the mansion Nicole lived in. Speculation seemed to point to OJ (who was married to Nicole) as the culprit. When the time came to apprehend OJ he was leading cops on a getaway chase through the streets of Los Angeles during the famous “Bronco scene run” with his passport and a fake beard. The case was made even more famous by a “multitude of police blunders” and “racial tactics” that seemed to make this case almost “unbelievable.” The outcome of this case ended up with OJ being “acquitted of murder charges.” OJ was a football celebrity who was well liked at one point. He was a rich Black athlete who married a young beautiful White woman. As much as this fact should have “nothing” to do with the trial, race because the focal point of the “entire” event. John Cochran was Simpson’s attorney, and he utilized the “race card” to get Simpson exonerated. He claimed that the lead detective, Mark Fuhrman, was a racist who set up OJ by planting bloody gloves at the scene (It was found later that those gloves did not fit OJ). When a recorded tape  emerged of Furhman uttering racial profanities it influenced the jury enough to acquit Simpson. At that point Simpson literally become the “most hated man in America” and with that label he needed to keep a low profile for his own sake. However, he went to a memorabilia auction to regain his own personal belongings and was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping (and he is now serving up to 33 years in prison). Some say that justice finally caught up to him, while others say that justice was finding any way it could to get him. Either way, Mr. Simpson is now behind bars. For me, this case is not about whether he was innocent of guilty of murder. It was more about the rest of us, and how we feel  about interracial relationships, using the race card as a defense tool and whether or not we believe that racist cops would “stage evidence.” It all “sold” to the media, and that was how this became the “Trial of the Century.” I invite you to read up on it and make your own conclusions. OJ is still on the “most hated Americans” list. This story was truly tragic but one thing is absolutely sure: OJ Simpson was “guilty”…. of being “incredibly stupid…” When you literally have a “target on your back” the “last” thing you should want to do is  make it more visible to people who want to take a shot at you. All Simpson had to do was just lay low…  Now he has no choice in the matter. Have a great day, everyone.


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