Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: My gig in New York City last night)

Last night I did a gig in New York City, and even though I have performed there many times it never ceases to amaze me. When they call it the “City that never sleeps” it seems as though this title is “so” appropriate. There are sites to see “everywhere” and my kids already told me that I am “naturally nosy.” First, I would like to apologize for giving wrong information. The name of the place I played was “not” the World Cafe live but rather the “Cafe Wha.” It had been said that Hendrix himself performed there before, and yet here we were onstage doing his music.  This was not a really big place, and at the beginning there were only a few in attendance, but it filled up quickly and the people loved what we did. We did a LOT of Jimi Hendrix material, but we also did music that was inspired by Jimi as well. I sang “Mustang Sally, People get Ready, and Prince (“Let’s go Crazy”) to name a few. It was a very good night. At one point we even performed songs that I had never heard before onstage. For those of you who don’t know, I have perfect pitch, and will “gladly” play just about any song that I don’t know for the very first time by just listening to what the others  are playing onstage and picking it up “on the fly.” Before we began playing the guys and I went to this club down the street that featured a live band. It was really interesting to me because the band members were from Japan and spoke “very little” English. However, they were “awesome” musicians. They had 3 horns, one keyboard, one standup bass, a drummer and a side percussionist. The jazz music they played while reading their charts was awesome. Finally, they did a version of Chic Corea’s “Spain” with “only” 3 horns and the drums playing on the song. I had never heard a version done like this before, and they “killed it.” The drummer took one of the most awesome solos I ever heard and I was amazed at the professionalism of the band. Then I realized that New York City is a place where there are “many” talented people. All in all, I enjoyed my lone evening there. This morning I am “back to reality” here in Philadelphia, but as long as the evening was a success then that works for me. I even found a “free” parking spot in Manhattan. “That” was also a special victory for me. I just wanted to share my experience with you today and I hope you don’t mind. For those of you  who have never been to New York City before, I think you should visit, but if you do, please try your “best” to make sure you don’t “look” like a tourist. It is a “very fast paced” environment with lots of people who have lived hard lives. Con artists are rampant there. One lady who seemed a “little inebriated” was sitting with some guy when she called me over to her table during the break. She told me that she really loved the way I played, and then “lifted up” her shirt to me and asked “What do you think of these?” I realized that this is part of the New York atmosphere, because “no one else”  around us seemed to even take notice that she was flashing me. I gave her a “very polite” but slightly sarcastic answer and told her date “Good luck.” He didn’t  seem to mind it at all. That’s enough for now… Thank you again and I hope you have an awesome day.


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