Brett Jolly”s Daily Thought (Topic: “Is hatred necessary?”)

Every once in awhile I find a topic that I just can’t ignore. It doesn’t have to be something really grand, but if it peaks my interest then I am game for it. Recently I saw a list of the
“Most hated people in America.” This was truly intriguing to me so I just had to check it out for myself. When looking this up, I actually found that there are “several” lists by different people and companies, so naturally these lists will vary depending on which ones you read.  Names like “John Edwards” surprised me, because I had pretty much forgotten about him. Tiger Woods was listed, even though I thought that what he did wasn’t so bad (especially when compared to ALL the other high profile celebrities that did the same things as he did). OJ Simpson didn’t surprise  me at all. OJ worked really hard to become a hated man and he should have left well enough alone when he had the chance, but he just HAD to make his situation even worse. Bernard Madoff was no shocker. The newcomer was Donald Sterling, whose recent racist rants made him “extremely” repulsed by a lot of those who might have previously supported him. Kim Kardashian’s name surprised me. Justin Bieber was one that I never considered as well. However, there was one name that I didn’t see listed on “any” of the lists, and I was shocked  at its omission. “George Zimmerman” did not make any of those lists (at least from what I saw). Hatred is “energy.” It is emotion directed at someone that is derived from a “personal” feeling you may have against  him or her. I often find that too many people put way too much energy into “hatred.’ Granted, some people work “hard” to be hated, and while they may deserve to be the subject of someone’s ire, that doesn’t mean that we need to devote our energies towards them. The Black Panther movements “hated,” the KKK hates, The Taliban hates and terrorists hate. These are people who will actually “thrive” from “your” hatred of them. I would not like for anyone to have so much control over me that they can “push” my buttons and ignite my anger like that. For me, there are so many more positive things in the world to focus on, and while you often have to be on the defensive when it comes to haters, your thoughts of them should  not be the main focus of your day. These people who committed the hateful acts are always “anticipating” our hatred of them, so your anger won’t change them at all. However, they would not be expecting your forgiveness and your love. I am not telling you that you have to forgive anyone who has done wrong, but I am telling you that your life has much more value to it, so you don’t have to waste so much of your life focusing on “negativity.”Hatred can be “very” contagious… If you try to make sure you are not subjected to it, then  the better your chances are of becoming “hatred-free.” Peace and love, and have a blessed day, everyone.


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