Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Maya Angelou”)

Maya Angelou… “Gone but not forgotten”…. Yesterday the world lost a valued treasure. Legendary writer and poet Maya Angelou passed away at the age of 86. Her works were known all over the world, and she received high acclaim for basically “telling the truth.” She never went to college and yet she received over 30  honorary degrees. She received a monumental award from President Barack Obama and she was good friends with Martin Luther King and Oprah Winphrey. I was blessed one year to actually hear her  speak at  my church. She was the guest speaker and her words still resonate in my mind to this day. She said that most of her works were about oppression, and the reason she did that was because “that was what she knew.” There are people out here who cannot bear to hear the truth, but her magic was in the “way” she told it. She was abandoned by her parents at a very young age,  and she was raped by  her mother’s boyfriend. She became a teen mother. Considering all this, it is quite amazing to note  how she “still” rose to greatness. You see, “great people” are only “ordinary people” who have the heart to attempt and accomplish “great things.” Her story is one that “everyone” who feels no hope should read. Her life example exemplifies the fact that you “don’t” have to let your circumstances dictate who and what you are going to be. If  anything, you can utilize your negative situation to motivate your to even greater accomplishments. I don’t have to convey her story to you here. You can read up about her all over the internet. However, I will tell you that she “created” the value of her life by standing up for what she believed in, and telling her story in a way that people just couldn’t ignore. It was  an honor for me to be in attendance when this great lady spoke, and while her voice has been silenced it doesn’t mean that she still cannot be “heard.” If you read up on her, you just might be able to “define your OWN greatness” to the world. Rest in Peace, Maya Angelou… “Your story may now be over, but their effects will linger on  “forever.”


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