Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The re-emergence of the electric chair in Tennessee”)

“Here we go…” The state of Tennessee has decided to “bring back” the “‘electric chair” to execute criminals on death row. They didn’t confer with the inmates at all and just decided “on their own initiative” to use the old barbaric method for ending life. For what I have heard their decision to go this route was based on the possibility that they might not any longer be able to obtain the drugs needed for lethal injection. Last month in Oklahoma Clayton Lockett was put to death with a lethal dosage what went “horribly wrong.” The procedure was botched so badly that they had to halt the execution, only to have the inmate die later from a heart attack that resulted from the tortuous treatment he received. If the objective is to execute the inmate as “humanely as possible” then “why” is the electric chair even being “considered?” The electric chair basically “cooks” someone and the details that often happen from its usage are “way too barbaric” to mention here. It’s “no secret” that I have never been a supporter of the “death penalty.” I just can’t grasp the notion that in order to show people that “killing is wrong” we “murder”  them. Granted, most of the crimes they committed were gruesome, and even though the death penalty might be “fitting” for them, to apply it says more about “us” than it does “them.” If “anyone” out there feels that the electric chair should be used to execute someone, I invite you to Google “electric chair executions” and just “watch” the videos. If there are no videos listed there, then that should show you that these executions were  so gruesome that they were “censored.” What’s so ironic about this is that many of the states that support capital punishment are also the same ones against abortions. These people will tell you that they are on the side of “life.” Ask them how that principle applies to those on death row and  notice how  their answers contrast each other. People make mistakes in life, and some mistakes are more grave than others. If an inmate killed someone many years ago but has changed his ways, then  who are we to judge him or her over God? When states like Tennessee decided to bring back the electric chair to kill people, where is the “humanity” in this logic? If they don’t care about humanity, then God will eventually deal with “them.” If “killing” is “wrong,” then ALL killing is wrong. While we can’t stop the states from administering death sentences, we can implore them to at least show “some” compassion when it comes to “torturing” people to death. “Two wrongs have NEVER made a right.” As always, I invite any and all opinions on this matter, and I wish you all a most pleasant  and safe weekend.


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