Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Is it ever okay to lie in a committed relationship?)

I was  recently asked a very interesting question, so of course I am posting it today for my Daily Thought. The question was, “If you are in a very committed relationship, are there ANY circumstances where you should LIE to your lover?” Now even “I” had to think about this for a moment, because on the surface I was “automatically” expecting to just say “No.”  However, upon “further review,” I came to the conclusion that there actually “are” some instances where a mate should consider lying to his or her lover (“Man, I just KNOW I’m going to get beat up over this one).  First, if your mate is “really bad” with money, I think it might be “imperative” to “hide the truth” from him or her. For example, if you are trying to budget your bills, but your mate can’t help but spend excessively, then you might need to establish a “reserve” money account that he or she doesn’t know about. Honesty, love and money are usually “not” a very good mix, and it takes a special couple to incorporate all 3 together in harmony. Also, if your woman decides (on her own) to do something drastic like “cut her hair” and it just “doesn’t look right,” I don’t think that in this situation “honesty is the best policy.” Don’t get me wrong… You can tell her in a nice way that you prefer the style she had, but I don’t think you should be so blatant as to say that her new hairstyle looks “traumatic.” Obviously, you don’t want to compliment her on it as well, so it might be necessary to find a neutral position. Also, a lot of us have mates who are  just “nosy.” You cannot surprise them with “anything” because they are always asking questions about what you are doing. If your lover is like this, then in order to surprise him or her with something nice you might just “have” to “lie like a swamp dog” to pull the surprise off.  Also, if you have a lover that is often “over emotional” (Yes, I know I’m going to get shot over this one) then I do believe there are times when you need to withhold certain  things. “Some” people will get “crazily excited” over the “smallest things” and as long as it is something that is “not that major” then not being forthright with it could save you a “lot of drama.” No one should like to bicker, but if is even “more devastating” to bicker over something menial. If your lady asks you if you left the toilet seat down and you “know” you didn’t do it, then it is okay to say “yes, I believe I did” and then just get up and “do it,” ESPECIALLY if it gives you an evening of peace and serenity. Please keep in mind that what I am saying applies to BOTH sexes, and does NOT only apply to men lying to women. For women, if you don’t want to hurt your man’s feelings, it is fine to tell him “Yes I got mine” when you KNOW that ain’t the truth (Don’t ask me to explain this any further, because you  women know what I am talking about). I guess I am just saying that as long as you are not withholding “other relationship issues” or secret part time lovers with someone else, then it might be okay to give that “occasional fib.” Just use discretion and try not to become a “habitual liar.” When you do that, then the truth will start coming out through  your lies (because your mate will determine the truth by the “opposite” of whatever you say). I had to think carefully about this topic today, and I am prepared for anyone who disagrees. If you would like to chew me out personally  my new address is somewhere in… “Siberia” (smile)…. See? Lying is starting to pay off “already.” Have yourself a great day, and take care.


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