Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Just a positive thought for today)

Today I would like to apologize for my late posting. I have had an extremely busy time and I usually like to devote more time to my Daily Thought. For today I would just like to say that I hope you take the initiative to “make” today a great one for you. Sometimes we tend to wake up and automatically feel like this day is going to be a bad one. What we often don’t tend to realize is that you do have “some” say in  how your life goes. While you cannot control all events you can at least take the proper steps to live in a “positive” light… Most of us know the difference between “right and wrong” and “what we often get out of life” depends on “what we devote to it.” I will never be one to sugar coat everything and tell you that life doesn’t have it’s “ups and downs” but I will tell you that in order to improve your circumstances you need to improve your way of thinking. Believe in  the things that most others think is unattainable and dare to “challenge” yourself to achieve greatness. If it doesn’t work the first time, then let failure prompt you to improve yourself and make it work the very “next” time around. We only get one chance at life. What is the purpose if you cannot at least reach out to your fullest potential? Inspire yourself from within, and let your greatness speak for itself. Others may doubt you or even criticize  your decisions, but in the end only “you” can make it right. Believe in yourself, and through success others will follow…. Have a great day today.


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