Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The Monica Lewinsky story)

I just saw an online story whereby Monica Lewinsky planned to pen an essay in Vanity Fair magazine about her relationship with former President Bill Clinton. For those of you who don’t recall, it was her testimony that almost drove President Clinton from office through impeachment. Ms. Lewinskly was probably the most famous intern in history when she gave an “oral dissertation” to the President (“Sorry”). She had saved the dress with the stains on  it and never cleaned it just in case she would need to prove something, which eventually did happen.  In her recent interview, she talks about how she had suicidal thoughts, about how she was labeled unfairly and humiliated by the media. She also claimed that her boss did take advantage of her but yet they were two “consenting” adults in this affair. Personally, I have a problem with this last statement. If he took advantage of her then how could she be consenting? Other than that, I can understand where she is coming from. She wants to vindicate her past and possibly help others who might come across the same thing in the future. From what I recall, she was a social media target for the press and she was ridiculed from her situation with the President to her weight. She did engage in inappropriate behavior, but the important thing to note here was that she was “not alone.” As President, I believe Clinton deserves more of the brunt of blame than Lewinsky did. He was in a position of power and authority. As a leader and a married man, he did not have to give into temptation. He could have just said “No.” After the scandal broke, a “lot” of people were trying to stop his reputation from shattering, so rather than blame him they instead attacked Ms. Lewinsky. Mr. Clinton is the one who lied on the stand, he was the one who tried to profess “ignorance of definition when it came to sexual relations” when asked about his dealings with her, and he is the one whose  reputation managed to remain intact after all this was through. Ms. Lewinsky could never hold a job afterwards because of her “history” and was maligned all throughout her silent years of saying nothing. Now, she is coming out, and she claims she is burying the beret and burning the blue stained dress. If that dress has still not been washed by now, it may have wandered off on its own. I do agree that history has treated Lewinsky unfairly. She was 23 at the time and in an atmosphere that had to be somewhat “overwhelming.” Do I think she will regain her dignity from coming out? “Probably not.”  However, if she can get “paid” from this and at least tell her side then there is a positive to be gained from it. Back then, the fact that she saved the dress with the stains on it meant that she actually “anticipated” having to testify in court about the affair. If not, then what other purpose could she gain from saving it? Will this story have any effect on Hillary’ Clinton’s run for President? I don’t think this will be a factor “at all.” While Hillary stood by her cheating husband, that does not mean that she engaged in any wrongdoings. We need to leave both stories as “separate entities.” Yes, while we all can still “poke fun” at the situation (She went down in history as the world’s most famous intern….oops….I should not have said “went down”) the fact is that she should be allowed to explain her side of the story in an attempt to regain  her dignity. Bill Clinton came through all of this “smelling like a rose.” Why can’t she be able to do the same thing? Being a man of authority doesn’t make him “any” less guilty than she was. Of course, this is only my opinion, and as always, I welcome the views of others. Hope your day is magical, and I wish  you the very best that life has to offer.


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