Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: New development on race issues of Donald Sterling)

Yet another new chapter in the story that revealed pro basketball’s Donald Sterling as a racist has recently emerged. It appears as though V. Stiviano, the young woman who was “alleged” to have been his mistress, was actually reported to be “very saddened” by his life time ban from pro basketball. Through the representation of her attorney, Mac Nehoray, it was said that she never meant for any  harm to come to Donald. How “touching…” The man  who didn’t want Blacks around obviously felt she was the “exception” to the rule, and reportedly was with her a lot at the Clippers games. For those of you who didn’t know, she is part Mexican and Black. It has ALSO been reported that Sterling’s wife, Rochelle, was taking her to court to reclaim a $1.8 million dollar apartment, a couple of autos and cash that she claimed her husband “gave” to this minority woman. IF this (or any of this) is true then it makes for one big mess.  The two things I don’t understand is that if Mr. Sterling was so racist, then why associate himself with  this Black woman? The other thing I can’t seem to understand is that if Mr. Sterling was so racist, then why would she continue to want to associate with this man? The only answers I seem to come up with are “sex” and “money.” Her attorney said that they never had a sexual relationship. If that is the case, how does a Black woman get a luxury apartment, a couple of autos and cash from a bigot? I’m sure he didn’t give it to her so she could donate it all to the United Negro College Fund. I think if “most” of us were giving those kinds of gifts to one particular person we would be “hitting it every wrong way we could.” Her attorney also said that she was not the one who leaked the tape, but rather someone else did it who wanted money. I just wonder who knew Sterling and Stiviano well enough to know exactly “when” to be in close enough proximity to “time AND predict” when  he was going to say his “racist remarks (after all, this was “obviously” planned).” This was “amazingly convenient.” The conversation sounded “extremely personal” to me and not once through the recording did I hear a third party voice intervene. Last time I checked it was “illegal” to record and use a person’s conversations “without the consent of the individual.” Yes, Sterling was obviously set up and railroaded, but it seems to me that he should now lave legal grounds to sue someone for “extortion and invasion of privacy.” As for the woman, if I was getting  million dollar apartments, autos, complimentary basketball seats and cash from a rich bigot, I guess I would be saddened too if he was banned for life. For her to receive those kinds of gifts she must have been one helluva great employee. I wonder if it was her “short hand or long hand” that earned her “raise?” What about her oral dissertations?  The lesson that needs to be learned here is that even though you are allowed freedom of speech, you have to be careful how you “exercise” your rights. Mr. Sterling made what he “thought” were “confidential” statements and now without any trial he has been “tried, judged and executed” through the media.  While he “most likely” deserved it, don’t be surprised if you hear that Mr. Sterling has sued over the loss of his “civil rights.” He may no longer be entitled to a team or an NBA game, but he should still be entitled to “that.” V. Stiviano should make a good mint from doing television and radio interviews now, and should  no longer need Sterling’s  money. She will probably “go down” in history with Monica Lewinsky (oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said “go down”) as women who “brought down” famous male celebrities. As for the rest of us, “race” always continue to sell, and we will continue to get “whatever we can” from the residuals of  this case that will probably come “after the facts.” Hope you take the time to enjoy your “quality of life” in the process. Have a great day, everyone…


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