Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Legalize marijuana?)

Mr. Jolly, I would love to know what are your views on the legalization of marijuana? There has been a lot of recent talk about certain places moving towards legalizing it. Do you think that is the right move to do? Will this  solve more problems or create more problems?

There are several questions that relate to this issue. For one, what harm does marijuana actually cause to society? We know that it is addictive, but so is straight up alcohol. Since it is “quite” legal to purchase alcohol then what would be the difference, especially when both drugs could result in the same effects? The second question I would like to ask is “Since this drug has been declared illegal, has that really stopped it from being popular among users?” I think we all know the answer to this one. This stuff is all over the place. When you think about it, just about “most” of the stars have done it, and so have some of our presidents and political figures. The last question I will ask is “Are there any benefits to be achieved from keeping this drug unlawful?” When you take the joint out of a marijuana smoker’s  hand, will that make things any better for the rest of us? From my own personal standpoint, I don’t do drugs OR drink, so legalizing it won’t make my world any better or any worse, unless, of course, I am wronged by someone under the influence. One of the things that can probably be gained from the legalization of marijuana is that those gangs, mobsters and mafia people who sell it will have to find another way to make illegal money. I am sure they have many other options, but I guess I am just saying that once the novelty of “legal” marijuana wears off then there probably won’t be as much of a demand for it. There are people who need it for medicinal purposes as well, and considering all the “other” stuff that’s out there (like crack cocaine) marijuana is probably considered “tame stuff” by now. Now people can buy drinks and be impaired while intoxicated. If they can be that way from drinks, then what is the difference if they are that way from being high? Of course, I realize that there are “many” people behind bars who committed heinous crimes that blamed it all on drugs, and most of them are probably right. However, if you know the consequences of using drugs, then it is up to “you” to be able to control the effects. When the drug controls you then you can be a big liability to society. I am not a big fan of marijuana, but I am not a big fan of trying to keep it illegal either. Making it unlawful doesn’t make it any less popular, and I think we have more important things to focus on. Since we are headed in the direction of legality anyway, then let’s just accept it and move on. Thank you and have a great day.

Paul Shafer (from the Dave Letterman show) at the right on piano and Brett Jolly in concert


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