Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: A new supervisor who is clueless)

Dear Brett Jolly. We have a supervisor that is relatively new and doesn’t have much of a clue as to  how things work. She came in throwing her weight around telling us that she was going to get this unit working properly. Well, there  never really “was” a problem with the unit. All of us have always worked hard and did our jobs the way we are supposed to do them. Our recent supervisor moved so they brought in an outsider who thinks she knows everything when she really doesn’t know anything. We try to accommodate her but she is really starting to get on our nerves. We already know what to do, and her way is nothing but confusing. We have been here for years before her. How do you think we should handle this?

A great leader is only as great as his or her ability to “listen” to the people that he or she leads. If a boss has the disposition that it’s “My way or the highway” then he or she will lose credibility fast (as well as personnel). If she acts as though she doesn’t want to hear what you have to say then I strongly suggest that you start documenting “everything” that she says and does. “Someone” in a higher authority than her had to hire her, and those are the people who need to know about her misleading ways. You may need to record her through  tape or video to have proof, because a supervisor like that is one  who will take ALL the credit when things go  great, but NONE of the blame when things go wrong. Since you have been there for many years you should already know how things are supposed to be run. All of you can request a meeting with her (but it has to be a meeting with everybody, otherwise she may feel as though you are the one being personally insubordinate…) Staff meetings are ways to improve the quality of the atmosphere in the work place, and if you all come at her with your concerns then she “should” take heed (and hopefully discover some of the things that she really doesn’t know about this job). In many workplaces bosses are often hired who don’t have a clue as to how things work. They start throwing their weight around because they “have” to do “something.” If you leave this behavior unchecked then chances are it “won’t” get better anytime soon. If you can get a staff meeting, that would be a “great” start. Good luck to you, and have a great day.

From the rap group “Public Enemy,” lead rapper Chuck D and Brett Jolly doing “Fight the Power” in concert



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