Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Knowledge and the internet)

As I grow older I still feel as though there are things out there that I need to learn (or at least know). Of course,  my school days are over, but that doesn’t mean that my learning experience has to be. Up until recently I felt that there was no way for me to find out pertinent information about certain things, and that felt stifling to me. For instance, I wanted to find out more information on the radio industry, but rather than go out and buy some book I decided to “Google” the information I wanted instead. Lo and behold, it was there, and a LOT of it was there. Before purchasing my new car I decided to “Google” reviews of the car, and that information was there as well. Amazingly, just about any source of knowledge can be found online if you only know how to search for it. If you plan on traveling to a foreign part of the world you can look online and search for the crime rate and the customs before you leave. Of course, not “everything” you read on the internet is true, and that is important to note. However, if you do a search and get a whole lot of results, the majority should point you towards a conclusive outcome. To give an example, I was getting fed up with the rates I was being charged for my internet, so I “Googled” internet providers. I saw a whole list of providers that serviced my area, but I also found that my regular provider was actually running a special promotion that would cost me less then “half” of what I am now paying.  I then called the number and it turned out to be true, so now I have a year’s worth of discount at a time when it will surely benefit me. Once this year is over then I will search for other promotion deals and take advantage of them. If I had not gone online to search for answers, then I would never have known (because your provider doesn’t necessarily have to inform you of any promotions, so it is up to you to ask them). You just might be surprised at what you find when you look online for something. A world or resources can be found on the internet,  and that information could easily be helpful to you should you desire to seek it.  I don’t have time to buy books and sit around reading them, but once I search online for what I need it is refreshing to see it there.  There  is a world of experience out there for those who can use it, and I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to grow. Knowledge “will” give you an advantage over someone lacking knowledge, and that could be your greatest weapon of all. If this information is helpful to you, I hope you take note that you actually discovered this.. “online.” Take care and please have an awesome day.

Grover Washington Jr., brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly



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