Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (A really “special” moment)

Last night  I had a really nice gig. I am the host of this special event called the “Grand Slam Jam” and we hold it each Wednesday here in Philadelphia at 7165 Germantown Avenue. This event is like a open mic forum for singers, musicians and all types of performers. People have told me that it is a wonderful event and idea, and so far the responses have been very rewarding to hear. On this night we “also” allow people to hold special events. For instance,  we will hold birthday parties and all sorts of special occasions. We once had a  lady celebrate her divorce party there (That was a new one for me). However, last night was something really special. This gentleman who I only know as “Stash” wanted to do something really unique for his woman, so we staged something that was awesome. We scheduled a “surprise” engagement  ceremony. Stash was dressed up in suit and tie while he was waiting for someone else to bring his woman to the club. Stash could sing, so we planned out something that was really special. When she came in, all sorts of friends and  family members were there to greet her (kind of like a surprise birthday party). We put a special seat for her out in the middle of the floor and she was presented with roses  while she sat. Stash then came up on stage and sang her favorite songs to her with the band accompanying him. She had a favorite song by Gerald Levert that we performed and the  moment was magical. She could not stop herself from crying and Stash did the same while he sang his heart out to her. He culminated the night by kneeling on one knee in front of her, telling her how much he loved her and then asked  her to marry him. As a musician, I have seen “many” special occasions and not much fazes me, but that moment was so great “I” might have married him (It’s a joke…. okay?) After a special presentation like that everyone “knew”  that she was going to accept, and she most certainly did. I mention this because a lot of times we all hear about the bad things that transpire in life, and often we never hear about great things being promoted. I thought this was a beautiful event that might just bring a smile to someone’s face  today. When  a man goes to this level to  show his love I think  it says a lot. I would like to congratulate Stash and his new fiance April, and I sincerely hope that their life of matrimony remains every bit as special as their moment was last night. Sometimes the true quality of life comes from  what you “invest” into it. Think about that, and I hope you all have yourselves a great day.

Gerald LeVert and Brett Jolly in concert



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