Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (topic: scam artists)

If you happen to live long enough (and reside in an urban area), chances are great that you will encounter someone trying to run a scam on you. Yesterday someone said “excuse me, but I just need ten cents more so that I can make a phone call.” I normally like to help people in need, because to me if often feels like the right thing to do. However, I was promptly informed that “There are no longer any pay phones in existence,” and that let us know that this guy was only trying to run a scam. When we informed him of this fact his response was “Oh, really?” and then he walked on. I also remember years ago some guy told me that his car was broken down 2 blocks away and he needed money to get some gas for it. Immediately smelling a rat, I told him that I would gladly help him push the car to the station. He got uncomfortable with that answer and said that this idea wouldn’t work. When I asked him to explain it he “couldn’t” and then just said “i would prefer to just have the money.” I told him I would prefer that he try to con someone else, because he wasn’t getting a cent out of me. Years ago I was driving around looking for a place to park. I found a parking lot and this guy was there directing evertone to which spaces they needed to take. It was a Sunday so I asked him if this lot was open and he responded by saying “ten dollars” and then pointed to the space. I gave him the money but then after I parked this other man came up to me and said, “That guy doesn’t work here and he doesn’t own this lot.” The man “bolted” after seeing us talk, but back during those days I could run like a gazelle. This guy was good, too, and I think my chase of him lasted about nine blocks. I would have caught him earlier but he swerved through traffic at times nearly killing himself to avoid me. In the end, it didn’t matter, because I caught him anyway, and made him undress in public just so I could get my money back. Back to the present times, now on Facebook I am getting all sorts of messages from women with “great” pictures expressing how they love my profile and are looking for love. They always say that they are not on Facebook a lot and if I want to see their pictures I need to email them at their private email address. Hopefully this person won’t hold her or his breath waiting for my response, because it is not going to happen. Also, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many emails I have gotten from women looking for love that reside in Ghana. ALL of them send great pictures and ALL of them would like you to give them money so that they can catch a flight here to see you. Of course, I already know that once you give them the money then you will never hear from them again. Last but not least, I am getting tired of emails saying that I am the beneficiary of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They always say to contact some fictitious name with your own personal details so that they can rip you off later on. I mention all this today because it is important that we know the genuine people from the fakers. Many people will work harder to con you out of your money than they will to earn the money respectfully, and it is important that we recognize that. While I always love to help out someone in need I will not contribute to someone with a “fake game.” Scam artists differ from small time to big time, but it is important that you be aware. The situations I mentioned here are only a “few” of the things that you can encounter. Basically, if something seems “too good to be true” then chances are it “is.” You have the right to be suspicious of anyone who wants money from you. Enjoy your day and hope it is a great one.

Freddie Jackson and Brett Jolly in concert



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