Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Getting healthcare)

One of the things that I feel comfortable with is assessing my “own” faults and bad habits. I realize that at times I can have “biting sarcasm” and when someone approaches me in an accusatory manner then I will debate him or her like the “fiercest of warriors.” I also know that there are times when  I can be an awful procrastinator. For example, I should have already checked out my options for “healthcare,”  but because we are now arriving to the deadline I once again waited until the very last second to get hooked up. I, of all people, should know better. I am fully aware that as you “get older” your health is going to deteriorate. If you don’t get older then chances are that means you are “already dead” and should be “too late” for any health insurance. I spent most of this weekend buying a new car when I should have been concentrating on insurance. I admit that I don’t know a lot about the particulars and when I make this call today there is “guaranteed” to be some information they will ask me that I won’t know or remember,  but it is imperative that I see this through. Most of my life I have always been lucky and blessed. I “rarely” got sick and hardly ever spent an “extensive” amount of time recovering in a hospital. Just the mere “thought” of it scares me into wanting to “exercise” more. Of course, no amount of exercise will keep you alive forever, and even though doctors try to tell you how to live your life, THEY die just like the rest of us. I need to stop putting off until tomorrow what I can do today, so I will make a concerted effort to tackle this issue. For those who are “even worse” than me in procrastination, I hope you find the resolve to get your health insurance in check as well. You “never know” when illness  will befall you and it is always best to be safe than sorry. I also realize that this may take up a lot of time today but “isn’t your health worth it?” Some people are trying to get universal healthcare abolished, but these are the people who are “already” covered. Their views should never impede me  from taking advantage of this opportunity to get “covered.” Today should be a very busy one for me, and if you are not covered, I only hope that you will be “just as busy” as me. No, I am not trying to tell you how to “run” your life, but I am trying to tell you of a way to “preserve” it. Have a great and blessed day.

Jean Carne and Brett Jolly in concert



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