Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: A happy ending)

With all the negativity and bad things that are happening in this world, it is encouraging to write about something that has a happy ending. Years ago there was a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio who had been down on his luck. He life unraveled and his demons conquered him leaving him without anything. Well, there have been several stories since this man has been discovered, and he has been labeled as “the man with the golden voice.” No, he does not sing (or he might sing, but that is not his M.O.). He has the gift for announcing and he does it extremely well. Ted Williams has been rescued, and he has fully recovered from his drug addiction and he even has a house “with a fireplace” now. Last summer I performed at Penn’s Landing for a drug recovery idol program and had the opportunity to meet and talk to this gifted individual. He was extremely humble and thankful for his new circumstances, and he wanted to talk to others going through the same crisis. The deep part about it was that with ALL the people trying to get his attention, he actually sought “me” out. He came up to me and said “My man, you are one incredibly awesome bass player. I paid attention to each and every note you played, and you can do magic with that thing.” I was shocked that he felt that way, and I told him that I new his story very well and was so proud of what he has done with his life.  He said that second chances are rare in life and that he plans to make the most of his. He recently did a commercial for Kraft and more things are in the mix for him. He is the true example of my theory that “It is not where you come from that determines your true value, but where you are headed.” This is a story with a good ending, and I would love to congratulate Ted Williams on his resurrection. I only hope that others can find “inspiration” through his story. If you would like to read his story, just click here or copy and past the link below (if this doesn’t work). Thank you and have a great day.

Teddy Pendergrass and Brett Jolly in concert





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