Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Should marriages have an expiration date?)

Hey, Mr. Jolly. I heard a discussion where these people said that there should be an expiration date on marriages because after a few years couples get sick and tired of each other anyway and then end up divorcing. The argument went like this: There was a declaration that if marriages could end in 7 year intervals, then there wouldn’t be so many divorces. Couples could then either renew their marriage for another 7 years or just call it quits. It would save a lot of court time and not make couples feel obligated to stay together when they no longer want to. I think it would be great, but I would love to know what you think.

Marriages with a 7 year expiration date? I can envision big problems with that automatically. Marriage is the concept of living together as one, becoming a part of each other and existing as one unit. To separate due to a legality would not be fair to the person who invested so much into the marriage. What would you do about joint bank accounts? What would you do if only “ONE” member wanted to end the marriage and not the other? How would you handle dividing family assets? What would happen if one member is no longer working and can’t afford to live alone? While it may be true that a lot of marriages don’t seem to last 7 years anyway it should “never” be so simple as to just “quit and leave.” If anything, there might be MORE court cases based on “what people feel they are entitled to.” Putting a warranty on marriages would not simplify anything, and might even cause more turmoil. Getting married is a covenant under God to live as one “for life.” I have never heard of marriage being listed in the Bible with a 7 year warranty. In fact, if you put a 7 year contract expiration you might actually make matters worst, because then some couples might actually start “anticipating” the expiration date,  thus making their marriages fall apart in the process. No, if a couple is going to get married, the “last” thing they need to contemplate is an “expiration date.” If they can take their vows for life then they “should” at least “attempt” to see it through for that length of time. Of course, as you go through life together people change, but the concept of marriage should involve overcoming obstacles together to “make” it work. It sounds as though you were privy to a very interesting conversation, but I just don’t think that kind of change would benefit anyone. Thank you for submitting your topic and I wish the very best to you today. Have a great one.

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