Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Should relationships be dominating?)

Okay, so just imagine “this” scenario. Last night I am rehearsing with a bunch of guys in a band, and the one member looks at his phone and then stops playing right in the middle of song. He says that he has to leave immediately, because his wife is expecting him to be “home” by an “exact” time. He sounded distressed, and he sounded worried. I was joking with him and told him that I highly doubt that he will turn into a pumpkin at midnight, but he said, “You just don’t know my circumstances. If I am not home by a certain time I will be locked out of the house for the entire night.” I found it difficult to even believe that he could be serious. After he left so abruptly, the other members of the band were talking about how bad his home life must be. Then one other member said that he could “never” have a wife like that. The question here is, “Should a wife be able to control her husband like that?” Should she punish him whenever he doesn’t do exactly as she says? Naturally, on my way back home, I had to ponder this. I then wondered what would make a man even take this stance in his relationship. Should he be considered the ultimate gentleman or the ultimate punk? It is one thing to love your wife and want to do all you can for her. It is another to be scared whenever you “can’t” do something for her because she happens to be so controlling. Then I started to wonder what could possibly have made him this way.  One scenario I thought of was that maybe he was at one point caught either cheating or doing something wrong, and this is his wife’s way of making sure it never happens again. The other thought I had was that maybe he really “is” just a punk who actually “likes” to be controlled or dominated. If the former is true then I could probably understand this a little bit better. Still, how can a man get locked out of his own house? To me, that would mean that she doesn’t even allow him to have the key to get in. Just the thought of that is troubling to me. If he is one of those men who just “likes” to be controlled then maybe I can learn to accept that as well. There are people in this world who love to play the role of subservience and he just might be one of those who do. Normally when you hear a story like this, it is usually the woman who is being controlled by the man in this matter. I hate to hear those kinds of stories as well. Whatever the case, we had no choice but to let  him go. Before he left he said that we will all get to meet his wife when we play this gig, because she will be the one bringing him there. Again, my mind began to ponder that maybe she is bringing him to the gig so that she can monitor his behavior and make sure that no females look at him or come up to him. Needless to say, I am “very” much looking forward to meeting “her.” A one sided dominating relationship seems so wrong to me, but if that is what both parties like then who am I to say anything? As long as both parties are happy then that “should” be all that matters, right? Stay tuned on this one, and I hope you all have a great day today.

Legendary Blues Singer Bonnie Raitt and Brett Jolly in concert


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