Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Wishes for the New Year”)

A New Year is on the horizon for most of us, and while many will choose to reflect on the things that already transpired, I am one of those who likes to look forward. On a global scale I would love to see nations that have previously exhibited hatred and animosity towards each other reach out in efforts of unification. Hey, if Iran and the United States can work on mending fences, then maybe it is possible for other nations to do the same. I would like to take a lyric from an old popular Marvin Gaye song when saying, “War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate.” If all we do is focus on past atrocities then how can we ever possibly see a future of peace? In a world where we all have to depend on each other for survival it is amazing how much hatred we often display towards each other. I pray that leaders of nations will be able to see the real benefits of peace. I hope that the legend of Nelson Mandela will show others that no matter how badly you have been mistreated by others, two wrongs will “NEVER” make a right. I hope that instead of nations spying on each other we can all work together with each other and share in technology that will help make the world safer, and not find newer ways to bring about more destruction. In some cases, it takes more strength to back down from a fight than it does to escalate one. Human beings are supposed to be the most intelligent forms of life, and yet there are times when we can be more barbaric than even the most savage of animals. As for me personally, I hope to continue to grow, and at some point lead “by example.” If I should become a big enough “success story” then maybe someone else will find the resolve to “emulate” my story. The true value of life should not be based on where you came from, but rather where you are headed. Suicide bombers, terrorists, and random shooters are people “with cause” who see no other alternative but to inflict devastation. They are so engrossed in ending life that we rarely even get to hear their story. Why not tell your story as opposed to killing innocent people? Maybe there is someone out there who will sympathize and maybe even offer assistance. There are people out there who need help, and it is up to us to “recognize” it and reach out to them. If we can change the path trajectory of at least “one” individual bent on destruction, then it is “more than worth the effort.” I hope that 2014 can somehow be the “Year of Peace.” It is a long shot, but it “can” happen. Thank you all for your support, and for you I wish the very best that this New Year has to offer.