Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “What would happen if the world were run by women?”)

I have had some very interesting conversations with people, and over the holidays I encountered “yet another” interesting topic. As we all know, this is essentially a “man’s” world (and no, I am NOT by any means “sexist”). Most governments are run by men. Most armies are headed by men. Most wars are started by men. As crazy as this may (or may not) sound, what do you think would happen if the world were run by more women? If you think about it, would there be any change? Men have “egos,” and often whenever our egos get ruffled we have a tendency to want to flex our muscle to other countries. Wars have been known to start because we felt “insulted” by the actions of other nations. If a woman ran the country and felt insulted, do you think she would be more or “less” prone to engage in war tactics? For the record, I already know that there are some “really tough” women out there who could probably be “every bit” as ruthless as “any” male leader, but would the world have a more peaceful coexistence if there were more women in power? I don’t like to reference stereotypes, but they say that women are prone to be less violent than men (even though we ALL know there are exceptions out there to this rule). Also, a woman doesn’t always have to rely on muscle to deal with a conflict. If a man leader wants to try diplomacy to address a hostile nation, we sometimes view the male leader as being “weak.” A woman leader might possibly be the “best” candidate to “win with diplomacy.” This might all be a moot point, because unless certain nations “accept” women as equal in standing then there is “very” little chance that she will ever get elected as a leader. Because of previously existing stereotypes many would never trust a woman to be in power, but is that fair? There are “plenty” of men leaders who have managed to “mess up” the world with their own ideologies. Will we ever get the chance to find out what a woman can do? For many years, people also never thought that we would have a person of color as President of the United States, and yet that day is actually here. Can a woman President be far behind? I always believe that each person is different, and that we should never try to judge people based on “group stereotype.” As long as the leader is qualified to handle business and is a great leader then I don’t care what he or she is. If only everyone else felt the same…  Slowly but surely, the world is changing… Can our ways of thinking keep up with it? Right now, there is no definite answer to this question, but I sincerely hope that I live long enough to one day “find out.” Thank you, and I hope you have a “truly intriguing” day.

Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly