Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “What would happen if drugs were legalized?”)

Okay, here is one of those “interesting” topics that I would like to share today. I had a discussion about drugs and how essentially they make a lot of money for the criminal element. The question is, “What should be done about it?” Drugs get smuggled into the country and criminals get paid hefty sums of money for doing so. Even though the practice is indeed illegal, it hasn’t stopped the inflow at all. I did manage to hear an interesting idea, though, and after thinking about it, it actually started to make “some” sense to me. Years ago we had the same problem with alcohol (prohibition). It was illegal and many people were getting paid making “moonshine” for illegal consumption. As much as authorities tried to curtail it the practice of the business was way too overwhelming. After the sale of alcohol was declared legal then it “took a lot of the sting” out of those mafia and other groups who were cashing in on this trade. Well, now the same can probably be said for drugs. Just from conventional thinking, what would happen if we actually “made it all legal?” Now “think” about this one first before you answer. The facts are that no matter how unlawful the sale of drugs are, drug sales and drug usage are rampant everywhere. If we managed to capture and put all of the drug users and sellers in prisons there would be no room left for other criminals. Also, the cartels make a lot of money off of the illegality of their profession, but what if people were actually “allowed” to purchase it without repercussion? The cartels and mafia would have to find “yet another” illegal trade to make money from, and would probably “fizzle out.” Remember, alcohol is a drug too, and ever since the sale of it was declared legal the sting has been taken out of “purchasing it” and at least the money made from the sale of it mostly goes to “credible and responsible” business owners. I know fully well the consequences of people who are high on drugs. They can be very erratic and often dangerous. However, if an inebriated driver causes an accident, it doesn’t make a different to me what drug he or she is high on. I guess what I am saying is that if we can declare alcohol legal, then why not make all the other drugs legal too? When taken they all can produce the same conditions. A man who commits a crime while drunk goes to jail. Just do the same for someone who commits a crime while stoned. In the end, we might just force the drug lords to actually become “responsible” businessmen, and would that be such a bad thing? I don’t drink, and I don’t take any drugs. However, I know “way” too many people that do. As I came home late last night from my gig I saw the police along the sides of the road making people take sobriety tests and I knew where their final destination for the night was going to be. Whether alcohol or other drugs are declared legal or not, their jobs won’t get any easier, but hopefully it might give them “one less” arrest to make. As I said, “think” about this carefully before you respond. I am by NO MEANS promoting drugs of ANY kind (so don’t send me any hateful letters). However, we all know that this problem is a LOT bigger tham what our jail cells can handle and court systems can handle. This is just some “food for thought.” Thank you and have yourself a great day.

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