Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The Follow-up”)

Okay, if you are able to read this, then that must mean that you somehow “survived” the holidays (smile). As great as the spirit can be sometimes, it can have a tendency to overwhelm you with trying to budget things, keep positive and stay happy. I can guarantee there are people who were not satisfied with gifts they got. There were also people who absolutely loved the gifts they got, and of course, there were people who are satisfied just being alive. The material aspect of it is obvious and has been well established for years. Even though I have heard people complain about it, the spirit of Christmas helps to accomplish a couple of things. For one, it helps to feed the economy. Buying a gift will inject money that is much needed. It should also promote a peaceful environment. If you can’t feel the aura of serenity in Christmas then what else could possibly make you feel that way? Finally it brings many smiles to innocent little children. Whether we want to admit it or not, little children often live in their own separate worlds. They don’t understand our world the same way that adults do, and the best time to inject love into a child’s life is while that child is still “in” that young stage. You see, a child is often a product of his or her surroundings. If a child grows up knowing violence, then chances are that child will be a product of that violence. If a child knows poverty, then that child will be greatly influenced by that poverty growing up. However, if a child is shown love, then that child has the greatest chance of showing love back to others. You can say what you want about Christmas. You can talk about the commercialism, you can talk about how Christ was not even born on Christmas Day, and you can be a disbeliever to your own heart, but as far as I am concerned, anything that helps promote peace to the world will “always” have my backing. I realize that many people who would love to celebrate just don’t have money like that. Trust me when I say that I can relate… but in this life there are many things that involve investment of some kind. Rarely does one get something for nothing. What you should get out of the holidays should depend greatly on what you are willing to invest in it. If you expect more than you are willing to give, then you have missed the boat “entirely” on this one. “Life”… and “love”… are what you make it… I hope your holidays are awesome, and I wish you the absolute best that life has to offer.

Teddy Pendergrass and Brett Jolly in concert


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