Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (A “Moving” holiday poem from the “Phantom Poet”

T’was the night before Christmas, and while peace and serenity were sought
On the computer people were gathering to see Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought
They were wondering what he would post on this “enchanted” eve
or if he would simply post nothing, and just ask for a small “reprieve”
They knew he would supply something that in our minds would last
So for most of you, I will just refer to some Christmases past
Many would wonder what great gifts on this night Santa would bring
I wish he could bring a toy that could teach some people how to “sing”
When I play for awful singers, sometimes I shake my head and “shrug”
Because when they hit those high notes, they are “off like a mug”
They “think” they are “getting down” and this makes them feel prouder
That is when all those off notes they hit start to get “louder”
You can’t even tell them they’re off key, because they will give you disputes
And even Santa said, “Hey, man, nothing in my bag can help THESE deaf mutes”
Because whenever Santa’s reindeer hear a bad vocalist do a verse
He said he swears it sounds like he is hearing his reindeer “curse”
So if you hear people singing badly in a bar, then you’d best buy everyone a “round”
Because the more the people drink, the better “these” singers will SOUND
And if the bar has bad singers, then this much I will say to you
There are times when the “church” features some really bad singers TOO
So for ALL those vocalists who are terrible, this much I need to say:
“It’s not that you are bad vocalists… you just SING that way”
You don’t have to sing so hard and so wrong. In fact, try being more placid
Because whether you know it or not, you sound like you just snorted “battery acid”
Because it takes a little bit of talent to correctly sing a song
and with you, it’s not that you can’t sing. I think people just “listen” to you wrong
You may revel in your own ego, and keep singing to your own delight
Can I ask for a request? Hey, how about “Silent Night?”
Because if you really want to know what I’d like you to sing
I don’t want the song….No, I want the “real thing”
So finally Santa climbed up the chimney and rode off through the night
and he said” Ho, ho ho, Merry Christmas, and no more bad singing tonight

A “heartwarming” holiday rendition from the Phantom Poet


Brett Jolly