Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Have you ever noticed?”)

After talking with several people, I have noticed something peculiar that “seems” to happen during this time of year, and I would love to know if this is what’s happening with just about everyone. Is it just me, or do we always seem get “calls” from an ex (or exes) during this time of year? I am not talking about the “recently” departed, but I am talking about ex girlfriends or boyfriends that you have not heard from in a “long” time. Many people (men and women) I have talked to said that this “time of year” gives your past relationship people a chance to “check up on you.” In other words, there is usually “no harm” in wishing “Happy Holidays” to someone (even though this also gives them an “excuse” for calling you). Most times when these past flings call you they are really just checking up on you to see if you are involved in another relationship and most of them try to do this in a “discrete” way (which just about NEVER works). A lot of women that I talked to said that ALL ex boyfriends call to see what’s going on during this time of year. They didn’t do right while they were “in” the relationship, but now they want to make you believe that they have “changed” just “in case” you “might” want to entertain the notion to take them back.  We all know that if they have changed at all, chances are they have only “gotten worse,” but that won’t stop them from trying anyway. Now maybe I’m wrong with what I am saying, but from what I have heard from people this seems to occur a lot. This holiday season, I would love for you to “count” the number of ex boyfriends or girlfriends who try to “reach out” to you. If you can let me know, then I might make this an even “bigger” issue on this topic next time around. For the record, there is nothing wrong with this. It is common courtesy to check up on someone (and in most cases it is a nice gesture), but it is also easy to see the “ulterior motive” when you get these calls. I honestly don’t know if this usually happens with everyone or not, but the few that I have talked to surely “confirmed” it. Either way, I hope these upcoming holidays are great for you and filled with happiness, good health, and most of all, “peace.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought.

Bill Withers, his daughter and singer Anthony Hamilton in the studio with Brett Jolly