Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Is spying really necessary?”)

Over the weekend I visited my father who has been in the hospital for well over a month. They keep promising to send him home soon but each time it always seems to get delayed. Anyway, while I was there, he and I  had an interesting conversation. You see, my father is very sharp and used to work with government years ago, and he knows a lot of things that a lot of people don’t know. While there, we watched the television program “Sixty Minutes” and they were doing a feature on NSA and all the files that they spied on.  When Eric Snowdon, former employee of NSA, defected to Russia, he let out all kinds of sensitive intelligence data. When these revelations were first let out some people were actually “shocked” that the NSA would spy on it’s own citizens. After hearing this on the program, I turned to my father and asked “Am I the only one who knew that the government “had” to be spying on us and everyone else?” Pop told me “I knew it too.” He told me a story about many years ago when he mentioned on the phone to someone that he had actually “seen” H. Rap Brown, a well known Black militant from the Black Panther Movement. Well, no less that 48 hours after that phone call, we got a visit from the FBI questioning Pop about what he knew. The only way they could have known that Pop saw this man was if they had “spied” on his phone conversation.  We then got to the next point, which was “Is spying actually necessary?” BOTH of us came to the conclusion that “YES, it is.” You see, a lot of nations out there are vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and only through observation of communication can we thwart these acts before they actually happen. I have read many articles of terrorists attempting to “come into” the country with explosives and deadly weapons, only to be met at the border and detained before they could even get started. As bad and as intrusive as spying is on our privacy, it is “absolutely necessary” for our safety. Without jeopardizing the “already stained” popularity of the NSA I wish they could post just how many lives they have “already” saved through their interventions. We “KNOW” our government is not perfect, and we know that they have worked out deals with a lot of other foreign leaders who later on became our enemies. In fact, a lot of them we actually funded. However, when it comes to choosing between privacy and safety I will choose the latter each and every time. For the record, who has privacy anyway? There are cameras everywhere, at red lights, toll booths and security cameras in most stores. They also have satellites that can get great pictures of you direct from outer space (right through your window). All nations would love to be able to spy on others (and they just might be doing it too). We all have to learn that we just can’t trust “everyone.” There are people throughout this world that would love to inflict ham to others just to “make a statement.” We need to know about these individuals “before” they carry out their treacherous deeds, and if spying is the way to do it, then by all means “spy on.” Thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and I hope you all have a very blessed day.

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