Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (topic: “Giving back”)

Each Sunday morning I play in church. It is the one part of my music world where most members just know me as a regular church musician. They rarely get to see me do my other gigs that do not involve Gospel music. This past Sunday I was setting up before service when this young teenage boy came up to me. He asked me, “Are you Brett Jolly?” When I told him yes he immediately said that he was “honored” to meet me. At first I didn’t quite understand where he was coming from, but then his mother came over to speak to me. She said that her son had found me “online” and was “immediately impressed” with my accomplishments. She said that he never wanted to come to church, but when she told him that I perform there each Sunday he automatically volunteered to come just so he could meet me. I was sincerely flattered, and to be honest, I have NEVER considered myself to be a celebrity of any kind (and I mean that), but I did thank the boy for the compliment. This young 14 year old boy was an aspiring singer, and he said he would be so happy if I could check out how well he sings. We exchanged numbers and we have a meeting date set up for us to do exactly that. I mentioned this today for a simple reason: I feel it is ALWAYS important for adults to “give back” to those young kids who are trying to follow in the same footsteps. To me, it didn’t matter whether he believed I was famous or not. He reached out to me, and I felt it was  my “responsibility” to help him in whatever way I could. A lot of times grown folks don’t even want to be bothered with kids. Even though my schedule can be extremely busy at times, I knew it was imperative that I make room for this kid. If my involvement helps him become a “seasoned professional” then it would all be worth it for me. On this earth, we are ALL dependent on each other in life. No newborn baby can “fend for itself” and that is how we learn how to interact with others. Involvement in someone’s life doesn’t have to “stop at a certain age.” As long as we live, we all can still learn. If I can be an inspiration to “one” child in my life, then as far as I am concerned that has “meaning” to me. I only hope that others will feel the same way. A child’s ambition is a terrible thing to waste… If you know of a young person who needs direction in his or her life, then by all means I hope you can find a way to provide some. Children need activity in their lives, and often if we can”t provide them with it, then they will go and “create their OWN activity (and that is not always guaranteed to be a positive thing). I would rather my tax dollars go towards supporting them through school as opposed to supporting them through jail. I hope you can feel where I’m coming from on this today. We ALL need someone… Thank you and I hope you have an awesome day.

Wayne Brady and Brett Jolly in concert