Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Nelson Mandela”)

A historic treasure is now lost to us, but it’s value is still “priceless.” Yesterday the world lost Nelson Mandela, and while I discovered that there was a “lot” that I really didn’t know of him, I have come to treasure the things that I have just read. First, his life is an incredible story. I could go into more detail, but there are more than enough bios on the internet for everyone to read. I will, however, say this: “A true measure of a man’s life lays not in what he says about himself, but rather in what others say about him.” The outpouring of love for this man has been “overwhelming” and I have “every” intention of reading more about his trials, tribulations, and conquests. For “any” one living soul to spend “27” years of his life in incarceration (with a bucket for a toilet and no bed) and emerge as a “unifying” source of brotherhood is amazing. I don’t know of too many people (including myself) who could reach out to those who “wronged” us in that manner, but that is “exactly” what Mandela did. He promoted peace, and the “world” listened. I also read through some of his comments and found them to be “thought provoking.” The one that I like best is this one: “I should not be thought of as a saint, unless you consider a saint to be a sinner who just keeps on trying.” I am sure that plenty of people will find “fault somewhere” when it comes to Nelson Mandela. I would not try to portray him as “perfect” in any way. NONE of us are… I will, however, say that “GREAT” people are only “ordinary” people… who just happen to accomplish “great” things… Some of  us don’t want to be reminded of “how we used to think.” However, if we turn our backs on the past, then there is a tendency to forget “where we came from.” Mandela, the boxer, the inmate, the international leader, is gone… but his fight should forevermore be in “all” of us. There will be “more than enough tributes” in regards to this man for everyone to read today. Mine may not make the “top ten” but it is still “from the heart.” His life… and his legacy… goes on in the hearts and spirits of many. “Peace”… just lost another champion… Have a great… and “blessed”… day.

Stevie Wonder and Brett Jolly


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