Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Government collapse averted)

I awoke this morning to find that our government had averted collapsing our debt situation and ended a 16 day shutdown. That was encouraging to me, because at some point I began to wonder if certain members of congress even “cared” about what the people “really” want or need. The concessions (or conditions) that were originally sought were “never” won, and the reputation of the party that tried to hold the country hostage over this issue took a “tremendously bad”  hit. The winners in this decision are the Democrats and President Obama, who said that he would “NOT negotiate” his new health care reform law in exchange for keeping the government open. The losers in this charade were the Republicans, who were willing to shut the country down over a law that had already been passed, voted on and accepted. What happens next? Well, that depends on which party you associate yourself with. Republicans hope to be able to come back from this debacle, but even they have to admit that their actions constituted a big risk. They had a “We will save this country even if we have to destroy it first” mentality that at times seemed childish and immature. How can you claim to represent the best wishes of the American people when they already voiced their opinions with the last Presidential election? Obama made a statement that now we need to tend to the issues that Americans “care about.” What that means is that our congressional leaders need to stop focusing on the needs of their own party and start addressing the real needs of the people. It is a sad state of affairs that we even “got” to this stage and I am sure that many furloughed employees were angry over it. For the Republicans, the underlying question is “Was all this worth it?” I am sure that from different factions we will get different answers. While their actions didn’t affect me directly, I still felt for the ones who had to struggle through this time period. I also wonder what “tricks” the Republicans have for the “next” major decision that has to be made? No one is perfect, and we all have our flaws, but when our flaws have such an impact of the the lives of others, then we need to think carefully about what our actions might do to them. I will give the Republicans credit for finally coming to their senses, but part of me cannot forget how they got us into this mess in the first place. If you want my vote, then at least show me how well you can “represent me.” If you honestly think that “putting me out of work” will be in my best interest over an issue that no longer has a bearing on me, then I take that “seriously.” The next elections are not far away. When that time comes around, there is nothing wrong with “forgiving.” However, it would be “extremely foolish” to “forget.” Let’s hope that we ALL learned a valuable lesson from this one, for the future is “now.” Have a great day.

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