Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Iran-US relations)

I felt a bit “encouraged” when I heard about a possible negotiation between the United States and Iran over “nuclear relations.” For many years there has been an impasse when it came to our dealings with Iran and it is “enlightening” to see us reach this stage of talks. We have imposed sanctions against the country since 1979 and we were getting nowhere in talks with the previous regime, but now that Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, is in charge there seems to be a glimmer of hope that we might be able to make a breakthrough. The fact that they are even talking about it is “significant,” because for many years this was also a huge barrier. Iran has claimed that it needed nuclear enrichment to bolster it’s economy but the United States has always believed that Iran had “evil intentions” of developing a nuclear bomb. In the current standing it appears as though Iran is “willing” to allow weapons inspectors to monitor the nuclear program so that the amount does NOT exceed “military” levels. If this can be done, then that might make for a “major” breakthrough for both nations. Our relationship with countries like Iran has not been great, and for years they referred to us as the ”Big Devil.” If Iran can possibly mend ties with us, then maybe the rest of the Arab Muslim world can find it in their hearts to eventually follow suit. Can you imagine a world where ALL nations are at peace and interacting with each other? No one can change the atrocities of the past, and therefore to continually focus on those atrocities only adds “fuel to the fire.” Mankind’s “biggest enemy” has ALWAYS been “us.” We are “supposed” to be so civilized and above other life forms, and yet in so many situations we have proven to be just as “barbaric.” I pray that this deal can be done and we can eventually lift sanctions against Iran.  I also pray that we can mend fences with other nations such as North Korea, Syria and Russia (among others). As huge as this world is, it is small when you consider how close we all are to each other. Peace should be at the forefront of everyone’s policy, and in order to accomplish that then “talks” are needed. I applaud John Kerry in his attempts to make this happen and even if this effort should somehow fail, it is encouraging to at least see the attempt made. I sincerely hope you feel the same way. Maybe there “is” a light “at the end of the tunnel after all.” Stay tuned, world… and have a great day.

Actress Holly Robinson-Peete and Brett Jolly



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