Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: One night fling)

Mr. Jolly, a couple of years back I had a fantasy dream come true. I was out of town at some special black tie event with a lot of people in attendance. At this party there was this one beautiful lady who seemed to stand out in the crowd. All the men were trying to talk to her but at the end of the evening she wanted to talk to me. I told her what room I was staying in at the hotel and asked her if we could get together. She said that she was a professional doctor and that she would call me later so we could go out someplace in town. Well, I waited for her call and it never came. Instead, I got a knock on my door and when I opened it up it was her. She seemed to be a little intoxicated, but when she came to see me she had no intentions of going out anywhere. After we spent the night together she woke up that morning and seemed really shocked. She wasn’t sure of how to act, but we did manage to get intimate one more time before she left to go home. I asked her to call me, but she never did, and I never saw her or heard from her again. Well, years later, through the aid of the internet I finally discovered her again. She relocated to another city and is working at a major hospital in that city. Now that I know where she is, do you think I should contact her? I was thinking of mailing her a letter to tell her how I feel. I would still love to see her, but I felt so bad that she decided to run from me. She was my fantasy come true. In your own opinion, what do you think I should do, contact her or should I just leave her alone?

From what it sounds like, this woman appears to be suffering from embarrassment. For a woman of her professional standing¬† to engage in a one night fling like that could be detrimental to her career.¬† Also, if the story got out that she was possibly inebriated that could also be damaging for her to deal with. Some women under those circumstances might think that you actually committed rape (especially if she was intoxicated). However, the things that you have going in your favor are that she was aware enough to “remember” your room number and she was willing to engage in intimacy again that next morning. The next thing you need to ask yourself is “Why didn’t she contact me ever again?” Since you both had a one night fling then chances are there is a LOT about her that you don’t know. It is quite possible that she could have been married or living with someone. The one thing you don’t want to do is appear to be some sort of “stalker.” I don’t think it would be wise to just show up where she works just so you can confront her. I think the safest bet would be to send a letter to her if you like, but make “sure” to let her know that you are “not” trying to stalk her by “any” means. You can give her the opportunity to respond to you, but be prepared to “leave it all alone” if she decides “not” to do so. We ALL have moments in our lives where we do something that we regret later on and this could very well have been hers. For the record, you didn’t do anything wrong, and to be honest she made the decision to get with you because she “wanted” to. However, at this point you both don’t owe each other “anything.” If nothing else transpires after this, then just be thankful for the one night memory you had with her and be prepared to “move on.” Also, please be careful when dealing with intoxicated women. One night of frolic can turn into a lifetime of devastation. If she has to get drunk to get with you, then that could possibly mean that she can’t feel the same way towards you when she is sober. As tempting as it may be, think with the “other head” and don’t do something that you may later on “regret.” Good luck to you and have a great day.

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